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Winter is Coming! Get Your Furnace Tuned Up!

How Often Should My Furnace Be Tuned Up?


Overland Park HVACFurnace repair is an area of home maintenance that many people do not consider until their is a problem and they are suddenly left without heat or hot water. A furnace is often an area of the home that is best left to a professional to maintain and repair, largely because of the simple fact that this important appliance is often gas powered and should not be maintained or repaired by any who is not properly trained and qualified. A home furnace can be a major problem when it is not running correctly, with problems including loud noises and the incorrect temperature being reached by the furnace. Maintaining a furnace with a professional company can make sure the system runs effectively and is energy and cost efficient throughout the year.

How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

The furnace filter is a major part of the furnace system that needs to be maintained and changed on a regular basis. Working with a professional furnace repair and maintenance company is a good way of doing this as the filters need to be changed for new ones at least twice each year. Filters are important as they trap a large number of contaminants and stop them from moving into the property through a forced air system, dust and pollen are two of the most common forms of contaminants trapped in air filters. If the filters in a furnace are not changed twice a year they can allow particles to pass through them and cause a furnace to run poorly or malfunction.

Furnace Repair Should I Have My Furnace Checked Each Year?

A furnace should always have a Fall checkup that is carried out by a qualified and experienced company. These checkups make sure each and every part of the furnace system is working correctly and should not prove dangerous to the property residents in the near future. During a regular checkup the system is checked for loose fittings and connections, which can decrease efficiency and cause major problems for with the system leaking gas or other dangerous fumes. A regular furnace check should be completed by a qualified professional who can make sure the system is safe and secure for the coming Winter season when the furnace will be in almost constant use.


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