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Why You Should Install a Whole House Humidifier

Top 9 Reasons to Install a Whole House Humidifier


Overland Park HeatingThe proper balance of air moisture in a residence is highly dependent upon the health and comfort needs of its residents. Every family is different and has unique comfort levels. Instead of constantly fighting heating and cooling controls, or getting upset with the weather, a whole house humidifier might be the answer.

In most cases, uncomfortable interior conditions are caused from a moisture and temperature imbalance that is easily corrected with a humidification system.

These professionally-installed systems regulated interior barometric conditions and eliminated most of the problems suffered by home and business owners. Here are nine popular reasons why a whole house humidifier might be the proper new addition to a home.

1. Temps are either too hot, or too cold. The slightest variations in perceivable temperature indoors is likely caused by a lack of moisture particles in the air. Whole house humidifiers help to restore the idea balance between heated air and atmospheric moisture content.

2. Whole house humidifiers help home owners to save money. Slight changes in temperature and air conditions cause reactionary adjustments to thermostats that result in higher utility bills. The introduction of a humidifier will allow everyone to feel “real” temperatures. This will minimize the trips to the thermostat dial.

3. Humidifiers promote health. Dry air is proven to produce problems with breathing and other body functions. Home humidifiers guarantee that the right amount of moisture is available within the confines of a building for proper health.

4. Humidification increases venting efficiency. The presence of moisture in the air of a home or business helps to channel air through main air ventilation systems. Humid air is “thicker” and funnels through ventilation systems easily.

5. Humidified air minimizes the presence of static electricity. Moisturized air limits electric currents in air particles which helps with materials storage, power efficiency, and certain health aspects.

6. Humidification regulates seasonal perceived temperatures. Moisture in the air conducts heat. In the summer, humidified air creates coolness, and in the winter prevents heat loss.

7. Home humidifiers are less trouble than other systems. Humidifiers are installed directly into the duct work of a home and require far less filtration maintenance than furnaces.

8. Home humidifiers only use between 1 and 1.5 gallons of water per day to regulate the air moisture of a large area.

9. The existence of an optional home humidifier system is a selling feature that adds to the value of a home that is on the market. This is a system which few homes have, but many buyers are eager to own.

Are you looking to put a Humidifier in your Overland Park home? Pick up the phone and Call Priced Right Heating at (913) 713-5911 today, and get the options from the professionals.

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