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Why check my AC’s refrigerant pressure?

Importance of Checking the Refrigerant Pressure in Your AC Unit


RefrigirantThe many joys of home ownership usually outweigh the unexpected problems that occur throughout the years. Leaky roofs, flooding hot water tanks, and other events are often unforeseen but can be repaired within a day. Although the repairs only take a day or two, finding and procuring a qualified contractor can actually take several weeks if a homeowner is unprepared. One way to combat the sense of urgency that arises with an unexpected maintenance project is to interview and choose contractors in advance. Another, and perhaps more important, way is to perform standard preventative maintenance on major appliances.

Homeowners who schedule and perform routine maintenance checks throughout their home are much more likely to become aware of a potential problem in time to take appropriate action. This may include performing minor repairs or calling in an expert to further review the situation. Some of the standard maintenance requirements include cleaning household items and performing a function check to ensure the unit is operating at its full and expected capacity depending on the age of the unit and other factors. Dryer vents, AC units, and freezers are all great examples of how catching a small problem in time can easily save a homeowner from additional problems. Dryer vents and hoses that collect lint become ineffective and make the dryer continually use a higher temperature to dry the items. This can damage clothes, destroy the heating element in the dryer, and even pose a fire hazard.

When AC units, refrigerators, and freezers are expected to perform at peak levels they must have regular maintenance. Checking the refrigerant pressure in an AC unit allows an owner to know if the unit is operating properly and can make the difference between replacing a whole unit or just refilling the refrigerant. Food storage freezers work the same way. If an owner has to replace all the food and the unit, the cost is going to be much higher than if they had simply performed a routine refrigerant check. The actions taken during a preventative maintenance call are less costly than if an item actually breaks down or an entire unit needs to be replaced.

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