When is it time to schedule an AC replacement?


AC ReplacementHaving a working and efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system set up in your home is vital for you and your family’s comfort and well being. Your home AC system requires regular upkeep in order to continue to work for you efficiently, and many people are familiar with the costly repairs and regular maintenance that comes with owning a home air conditioning unit. If your unit is becoming more of a hassle to take care of, it may be a sign that you are due for an AC replacement.

The first sign that you may need to replace your home AC unit is the age of your unit. As your unit gets older, being constantly used can wear your system out. If your unit is more than 10 years old, you most likely will need to replace it. Continuing to run an old unit will cause you more hassle with costly repairs and frequent issues.

Another sign that you may need a replacement is high energy bills. If more expensive energy bills are appearing out of the blue for no apparent reason, it may mean that your system is running less efficiently and needs to be replaced. Using a less efficient AC unit will end up costing you more in monthly bills in the long run than getting your system replaced. If you notice that some rooms in your room are getting too hot or cold, this could mean that you have issues with equipment, air ducts, or insulation that need to be resolved in order for your system to run efficiently.

If you notice that your home is accumulating a higher concentration of dust than is normal, this may be a result of a problem with your AC unit. Letting this issue go unresolved can result in higher amounts of dust in your home which can trigger allergic reactions for those prone to sensitivity to dust and dirt. Having a noisy heating and cooling system is another tell tale sign that you may be in need of a replacement.

If you suspect that your AC system may be in need of a repair or replacement, schedule an appointment to get the problem fixed now and avoid future costs and hassles for your family.

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