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What Does the SEER Rating Mean on an AC Unit?

Things to know about AC units


Overland Park ACAir conditioning can be an essential part to your house’s comfort and livability. Understanding the HVAC equipment can help you to stay ahead of the learning curve and get the most out of your home’s air quality, temperature, and circulation. Getting to know what your AC unit’s SEER rating is and what it means for your household can be a monumental step in the right direction. SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is the rating given to determine the effectiveness that allows, you the consumer, to know the quality and limitations of your purchase so that when you purchase or upgrade to a new AC unit you’ll know exactly what to expect.

SEER operates similarly to a car’s mpg rating in the way that it indicates how much cooling an air conditioner can produce, balanced by the amount of energy it takes to create it. For SEER ratings, the higher the better! Currently the federal government mandates that AC units maintain a 13 SEER rating. However, units rated as high as 23 exist on the market and provide much better economy for their service. Having a higher SEER rating ensures two things. The first is savings over a unit’s lifetime. Because higher rated products produce less energy while maintaining the same level of cooling, they save dramatically on utility bills. Second, higher rated units will produce less C02 emissions and thus are cleaner units than the units rated beneath them.

As these things are learned, it can be easy to understand why SEER ratings carry such importance for your home. Choosing an AC unit that both fits your budget and has the capacity to provide for your household’s firm expectations does not have to become a difficult decision. SEER ratings allow you to find exactly what you are looking for through a metric system that is simple and easy to understand. Whether your concern is budget, carbon footprint, or both, the SEER rating is the reasonable medium that ties all these together so that you can steer your home to the happiness it richly deserves.

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