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What does the SEER rating mean on an AC unit?

Air Conditioning Units and their SEER Ratings


AC UnitMost air conditioning units provide a SEER rating for their unit. This stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, meaning that this rating tells you how much energy is needed to create a specific cooling output from the AC unit. Generally speaking, a higher SEER rating, the more efficient the AC unit, and vice versa. Air conditioning units today require the SEER to be 13 or higher, although some older units with lower SEER ratings lower than 13 that were made before this rule was in effect may still be sold.

By using a machine with a high SEER rating, you are also greatly reducing the amount of harmful gases that are being secreted into the ozone, harming the air around us. Another great aspect of owning a unit with a 13 SEER or higher is that it allows some people to write off their purchase of the AC unit on their taxes, depending on the model and SEER rating number. However, there are some common myths about SEER ratings that often confuse buyers. The SEER rating of a unit does not always mean that it is the guaranteed rating indefinitely. This all depends on just how you are using the AC unit.

The base temperature used when measuring the efficiency is 82 degrees. It requires less efficiency to cool from 83 degrees, than from a more realistic 90 to 95 degrees that most cities experience in the summer months. It’s important to understand that even though a unit has a great SEER rating, it is being measured on a scale that may likely be exceeded when put to actual use in the summer. However, this does not mean that the SEER rating isn’t important, it only means that it needs to be viewed realistically rather than objectively as a permanent withstanding number.

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