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What does a programmable thermostat do?

Advantages of a digital setback thermostat


A digital setback thermostat, also known as a programmable thermostat, has many advantages in comparison to traditional thermostats. Heating and cooling your home can become costly, but with the use of the digital setback thermostat, energy costs can be controlled with more ease.

Traditional thermostats configure room temperature by relying on mercury, which can be a potentially harmful mineral. If the traditional thermostat becomes broken, mercury remains can spread throughout the home, and this poses a threat because mercury has been shown to cause health defects, including brain damage, especially in young children. Programmable thermostats do not contain mercury and control room temperature electronically through thermistors. The wires and circuits within configure the temperature by conveying the set temperature to the cooling and heating system. Use of the electrical circuits instead of mercury allows for more accurate temperature readings on the thermostat. If the building experiences a power outage, most programmable thermostats contain a battery backup that will start-up to allow the unit to continue working.

Digital setback thermostats are growing more popular in the heating and cooling industry because of the ability to maintain a scheduled cycle of heating or cooling. Timed schedules allow the thermostat to turn on or off by itself, and remain on for a desired length of time. Digital setback thermostats allow for constant comfort in a building because the system shuts off instantly once the desired temperature is reached, allowing the user to save money and energy consumption.

Another advantage to the digital setback thermostat is the ease of use. The layout of temperature readings and the adjustment buttons display brightly in the dark, unlike traditional thermostats. Most programmable thermostats also come with a remote to allow ease of changing temperatures without physically going to the thermostat, which can be a great help for disabled and elderly persons.

Due to the lack of moving parts, digital setback thermostats do not need as much maintenance. In the event that a programmable thermostat does malfunction, most come equipped with a feature that displays when it needs repaired.

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