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What are the Benefits of a Humidifier?

How a Humidifier Can Help You and Your Home


HumidifierA humidifier helps to control moisture levels in a house by introducing water vapor into the air when needed. We can install different types of humidifiers to meet the individual needs of homeowners. It is important to understand some of the main benefits of a humidifier.

Minimize Dry Skin and Skin Conditions

The humidifiers we install can help to minimize dry skin. The humidity added to the air prevents the skin from losing large amounts of moisture during the day. This has the added benefit of helping to minimize the severity of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema that can become worse when the air is very dry.

Ease Respiratory Problems

Dry air will contribute to inflammation in the throat, nostrils and lungs. This inflammation can make respiratory problems like asthma worse. We can install a humidifier that will add enough moisture to the air to start to reduce this type of inflammation. It will keep the level of humidity constant in your home so that it becomes easier to breathe.

Protect Personal Possessions and the Home

Dry air can have a very negative effect on the home and on personal possessions. Dry air can cause wooden furniture, instruments and trim to start to warp or crack. It can cause paint to peel on the walls of the home, on artwork and other surfaces. Dry air can cause paper to become brittle. The humidifiers we install will protect the home and personal possessions.

Less Dust on Surfaces

Dust can easily get into the air and travel long distances in dry conditions. This means dust and debris from carpets, the outside and normal activities will settle fast on surfaces throughout a dry home. We can provide a humidifier that helps to trap dust. The extra moisture in the air binds the dust so that it cannot travel or so that is removed quickly by the air conditioning system.

Fewer Illnesses

The nose, throat and mouth rely on a certain level of moisture in order to destroy germs and bacteria before they get into the body and cause illnesses. Dry air inhibits this defense mechanism making it easier for people to get sick. Calling us for a humidifier can help to reduce the chance of illnesses throughout the year.

Currently looking to install a humidifier in your Overland Park home? Call Priced Right Heating and Cooling today at (913) 713-5911. 

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