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Ways To Tell Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance

How to keep an eye on your AC


Overland Park AC MaintenanceIt’s the middle of the summer and the last thing you need is to have your AC run out on you; so, exactly how can you ensure that your AC will run efficiently throughout the hottest months of the year? A good place to start is to keep a close eye on your electric bill. In many instances, a sudden spike in the electric bill can be caused by the air conditioner. This may be a sign that the AC is not running efficiently and is using a lot more power because of it.

Another important thing to watch out for is strange noises or even odd smells coming from the AC. Many times, a fan that is no longer functioning correctly may start to make a strange sound, but there are plenty of other possibilities. While it may seem harmless, if it goes untreated, the AC can suffer further and more costly damages. Bizarre smells can be a sign that the AC is burnt out somewhere; under those circumstances, it can be dangerous and should be checked immediately.

Be sure to check around and under the AC unit on a regular basis. Leaking water can be very damaging to the AC as well damaging to the surrounding walls or flooring. Leaks may happen due to the pipes freezing or the liquid not flowing properly. Leaking that goes untreated can turn into even bigger problems if mold begins to grow; often, a rancid smell will emit from the AC if mold is present.

Perhaps the most notable issue that you may run into is your AC stops blowing cold air. This is typically the sign of a low refrigerant, which should be checked out by a technician. Another possibility is that the air filters are dirty. Try to remember to check the air filters on a regular basis. However, if some parts of the house are cool, but other parts are not, there’s a high likelihood that the issue is in the air ducts. Checking the air ducts regularly is a good way to ensure they are maintained.

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