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Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner from Overheating

Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner from Overheating

If you don’t maintain and care for your air conditioning system, you may find that it overheats during the hottest time of the year. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can also be downright uncomfortable. If you want to avoid overheating issues with your AC system, then use the tips here.

Clean the Condenser

The condenser, which is also referred to as the outdoor unit, or according to homeowners – the large fan box thing in the backyard – is a crucial part of the way your AC system operates each day. It should also be the focus of attention during a tune-up. Your condenser can get quite dirty just from regular, day to day function. They also become dirty just because they are outside in the elements. It is best to call the professionals to clean the coils and fins of the condenser. During this cleaning, they should also straighten out any bent fins to ensure that the system is working efficiently.

In some situations, a gross sludge may develop into the bottom part of the condenser, as well. The sludge may become acidic when this occurs and begin to eat away all the internal components. This can cause the system to have to be replaced sooner rather than later. While a technician will remove this as soon as they see it, you can also cover the condenser that remains in place year round.

Recharge Your Refrigerant

This is not something you will want to do on your own. During a regular tune-up, the AC technician will ensure the refrigerant levels are good. The fact is, the refrigerant in your AC should never leave or leak. It also won’t become dirty the way that other fluids do. The risk associated with overcharging the refrigerant are quite high, which means you don’t need to try and handle this on your own.

The fact is, if a technician discovers that the refrigerant levels in your system are low, this is not a good thing. It means that the toxic chemical is actually leaking somewhere and that your system is at risk to overheat. They will have to find the leak before adding more refrigerant. Just adding more is going to lead to even more issues down the road.

Replace the System’s Filters Regularly

You have heard this advice time and time again. There is a reason for this – it is just that important. You have to change the filters regularly because a dirty filter can cause an untold number of issues with your system. Also, filters are inexpensive and easy to replace. Don’t risk your system overheating just because you haven’t changed the filter.

If your system overheats, you need to call for repairs right away. However, if you seek tune-ups for your AC system a few times a year with the pros, they can help prevent the potential of it overheating, to begin with.  

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