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Tips on Child Proofing Your Air Vents

Tips on Child Proofing Your Air Vents

If you have small children, you may discover that they lift your floor registers or drop items inside them often. Not only is this bad for your HVAC system, but it may also be dangerous to your little on. The good news is, there are a few steps you can take to childproof your vents.

Secure the Registers

If your primary concern is that your child can lift the registers, the best way to prevent this is to secure the vents in place. There are several ways this can be done. The first method is to nail or screw the registers into the floor. If you have wood registers, just use a hammer or drill to keep them in place. If the registers are metal, then you will have to purchase screw-in vents. These will ensure your child can’t take the register off of the floor and help to keep toys from falling into them.

Another option is less permanent. Rather than nails or screws, use Velcro or double-sided tape to keep the registers in place. You won’t have to make any holes in your floor, but your child may still be able to remove the vent.

Screen the Registers

If you want to avoid securing the registers but are still concerned about toys being dropped into the ducts, you can use filters or screens to block them. These are similar to the screens you use on your windows to keep bugs out. There is vinyl screening available to keep things out of your vents. All you have to do is cut the vinyl screens to fit the duct and the secure it to the interior of the vent cover.

Another option is to install specially made air filters that fit over the vents. These will filter the air and keep things from falling into the vents. Keep in mind, the filters and screens can be used along with securing the registers in place.

Choose plastic

If your main concern is the sharp metal corners of the vents cutting your child, then install plastic registers. These are available in a wide array of home improvement stores and can be purchased online. You can use these plastic registers for both wall and floor vents.

Check the Exterior Too

With that information, you can protect your child from the HVAC registers that are in your home, but you may also want to block off your outside unit, too. Even if your child isn’t running around and playing outside yet, they will eventually. The AC unit may become an issue at some point.

You can install a fence or even plant shrubs to keep kids away from the unit. The key is to leave enough space so that air can flow freely.

Protecting your child and your HVAC system is possible. The tips here should help you safeguard both. If you need more help or information, contact the professionals. They may have additional solutions that can help you.  

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