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The importance of a new HVAC installation is to deliver high efficiency from the unit. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is assigned to air conditioners. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio number ranges from 12 to approximately 25. The models with SEER ratings in the 20’s are the newest units available and offer the highest efficiency. This rating is not determined by the manufacture, so that their bias does not affect the rating. The rating is done by a third-party organization to ensure the lack of bias in reporting the SEER. The SEER number can help you determine what it will cost to run your air conditioner, however, the cost will really be determined by the Kw hour cost in your area. Your local electricity provider can help you determine what the cost will be. However, there are many variables such as external temperature, humidity, and the desired cooling temperature.

The homeowner will undoubtedly consider that the most important characteristic of an AC installation is that the AC is the correct size for the area to be cooled. If an air conditioner is not sized properly, it will run continuously if it is too small for the task it has to perform. If the air conditioner system is too large, then it will cycle on and off frequently. Neither scenario is energy efficient. In addition, if the air conditioner is not the right size, or if it does not function properly, it will cool the room quickly and turn off. This will result in not enough moisture being removed, and this will leave the air damp, humid, and clammy.

The correct size of the AC installation required is determined mostly by the square footage to be cooled. This is a baseline of the capacity needed. Another factor to consider is the area where the home is located. Heavy shaded areas or areas exposed to sun will determine the cooling capacity. The number of people who will be in a room will also determine the size. A specialist needs to asses these factors to design a highly-efficient system that takes all of your needs into consideration. A specialist can determine the amount of cooling capacity in BTUs that will be required for a space of 50 square meters.

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