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The Ins and Outs of Auxiliary Heat

What to Know About Auxiliary Heat


Overland Park Heating Heat pumps are designed with mild to moderate climates in mind. They are known to be more energy efficient, in these climates using the outside air to keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Once the temperature outside reaches what is called the balance point; usually about 35 degrees, it is no longer warm enough to be effective in heating a home using the heat pump.

This is where auxiliary heat comes into play. Auxiliary heat kicks on when the air outside is too cool to heat the home. Auxiliary heat and heat pumps are typically ineffective in colder climates since the average temperature during the winter months is always less than 35 degrees.

What is Auxiliary Heat?

Auxiliary heat is a type of backup heat that is used in mild to moderate climates where heat pumps are the ideal HVAC source. When the temperature outside reaches the balance point, then the auxiliary heat comes on automatically. Auxiliary heat is an electric resistance-heating element that uses the desired temperature set by the thermostat to ensure that the home is heated to the optimal temperature.

While the air-to-air type of heat pump is more energy efficient in the right climate, running the auxiliary heat all the time will cost more in energy costs to run than the compressor, alone which is why this is not effective in cold climates.

Why Auxiliary Heat is Important

There are many things that can happen if your home becomes too cold. The pipes can freeze, animals can become cold and electronics can become ruined. When the home is in an area that does not typically see colder temperatures, the homeowner does not tend to think about cranking up the heater when they leave. This is where the auxiliary heat helps to keep the home functioning, even when the temperature drops.

Auxiliary HeatIt is important that homeowners with the air-to-air style of heat pump know as long as they keep their thermostat at a set temperature the auxiliary heat will only kick on when the air outside is too cold for the heat pump to be effective. 

Putting in a new heat pump HVAC system with auxiliary heat is affordable and easy if the right professionals install it. Contacting the right professionals who know the climate and the efficiency of the heat pump and the auxiliary heat is essential for every homeowner. 

Need more information on what auxiliary heat can do for your Overland Park home? Give Priced Right Heating a Call at (913) 713-5911 and get the right answers from the professionals.

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