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Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

Is your furnace running up to speed?   It’s getting cooler outside and winter is coming quickly. Do you know if your furnace is working properly? It is a good idea to have your furnace checked before winter gets here to ensure it is working properly. There are some warning signs to watch for to… Read more »

How to Properly Maintain Your Evaporator Coil

Maintaining your evaporator coil   Without timely maintenance on your hard-working AC unit, critical components responsible for efficient cooling and airflow would eventually stop functioning. They’d succumb to wear and tear, corrode and give way to rusty water or simply seize up, never to start again. Maintenance may be optional, but it should be considered… Read more »

Importance of a Summer Maintenance Call for Your AC Unit

Is your AC unit running up to speed?   Warm weather should serve as a reminder that you should address how well your AC unit is functioning. It’s important to keep cooling systems working at their optimal level, especially in the summer, and that can be achieved by contacting a professional to perform maintenance on… Read more »

Signs Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance

Is your AC up to speed?   Every year the summer time seems to be getting hotter and hotter. For those families with younger children or elderly living in the home, air conditioning is a necessity. A sure way to be positive that your air conditioning will be working when you need the cool air… Read more »

5 Reasons to Get Your AC Tuned Up Before the Summer

Warm weather has finally arrived and that means it’s time to have our air conditioning systems tuned up. Along with spring cleaning, it is also important to clean up the outside of our homes. It won’t be long before hot weather returns and that is when we will need our air conditioners to keep us… Read more »