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Three Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Everyone and everything is out to earn your money. Some investments are good and others are not even worth researching. Saving money on energy is big business and if you’ve been giving your thermostat the evil lately, there’s good news.

Overland Park, KS Heating-Services“Smart” anything is all the rage now, and luckily for Overland Park homeowners and renters, there are smart thermostats on the market that are going to change your life.

You might be thinking, “My thermostat already heats/cools my home.” Not like this and when you make the switch, you’ll never look back. Here are the top three reasons to switch to a smart thermostat.

Total Control

Imagine setting your temperature for the entire week. What if you went on a trip and forgot to turn the thermostat off? With a smart thermostat you could control it with a smart phone remotely.

How about coming back from a trip in the summer and you want a gust of cool air to slap you in the face upon your return. Again, with the press of a few buttons on your smart phone, you will be greeted by Jack Frost as soon as you open the door.

It truly is “Smart”

Tired of constantly adjusting and readjusting. A smart thermostat will learn your behaviors and begin to adjust itself. If you like to make the house an icebox after 11 pm every night, your smart thermostat will remember these tendencies and make the adjustments for you.

When you’re not at your Overland Park home and temperatures change in the home, it can adapt and bring the temperature back to ideal conditions, well, your ideal conditions.

Money, Money, Money

The initial price tag might be steep for some, but it’ll pay for itself sooner than you think. As stated earlier, you can leave for a week and not worry about the air cutting on when you don’t want it to.

You can monitor your energy usage in real time to see where you’re wasting money and make the proper adjustments.

If a smart thermostat is something you would consider investing in, call your local HVAC Company to come by and install. The money spent will be well worth it and the comfort in your home will be even greater.

Lower your monthly bills with a smart thermostat in your Overland Park, KS home. Call Priced Right Heating & Cooling at (913) 713-5911 today for installation, and start saving today!

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