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Signs Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance

Is your AC up to speed?


Is your AC up to speed?Every year the summer time seems to be getting hotter and hotter. For those families with younger children or elderly living in the home, air conditioning is a necessity. A sure way to be positive that your air conditioning will be working when you need the cool air the most is to have a regular maintenance check-up done by professionals.

If your air conditioning is not cooling off the home efficiently, you should have a professional plumber come out and check over the whole unit to find the problems. If you are not getting enough flow or cool air and you have cleaned the unit but nothing helps the flow, it might be the unit’s compressor. It may be failing or has completely stopped working. If you are getting cool air coming into some rooms but not others, it is most likely a problem in the ductwork. These problems should not be ignored, as they may create larger problems that would cost more if you waited.

You should also be aware of any water pools beside your air conditioning unit. Likely, this drain tube has become blocked or broken. Professional technicians should be called in if your unit is leaking refrigerant, even a little. If water is leaking from your unit or if ice is forming on the unit, it could lead to some major repairs if not taken care of right away.

Smelling pungent or sour smells coming from your air conditioning unit may mean that you have wiring that has burned out. If having a musty smell coming out of your unit, most likely is mold that has built up inside the unit. Fumes that are moldy coming from your AC unit may make people in the home sick. These problems should be taken care of immediately for the safety of everyone in the home.

Rattling or grinding noises coming from your AC unit is a sure sign that the unit needs professional attention. The noises or squealing coming from the unit may not hurt anyone but it could mean that the unit is breaking down. The AC unit should be taken care of by professional plumbers, before the unit stops completely.

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