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Should I check the gas pressure in my heater?

The importance of checking the gas pressure in your heating unit


When it comes to the gas pressure in your heating unit, it is very important to check the pressure and, if it is off, have a service professional come out and correct the problem. You might not think having the gas pressure off is going to mean anything, especially if it is off by just a small margin, but this is not true. There are two problems that come up when the gas pressure is off, based on if it is too high or too low. However, you need to know what your pressure is and if it needs to be corrected. This is where a service professional can help you out and make sure your gas pressure is correct.

Running Too Low: If the gas pressure is running too low, the main problem is your appliances are not going to run correctly. Anything that runs off of a gas connection is going to see a significant drop in production and performance. From the water heater to your furnace to your dryer or oven, when there is a drop in your production in gas, all of your appliances end up working overtime in order to produce the necessary heat, which causes your utility bills to go up. By correcting the gas pressure you no longer have to worry about this situation at all.

Running Too High: While running the gas pressure too low is going to cost you extra money, having the pressure too high is much more severe and requires the assistance of a trained professional right away. When the pressure is too high it is going to cause an build up in pressure inside of the gas valve, which in turn can cause an explosion inside of the house once the pressure builds to the point the valve is no longer able to sustain it. Due to this, it is very important to have the gas pressure on your heating unit checked, so this can ensure you do not have to worry about such a situation or potential condition with your home and with the safety of everyone inside.

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