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AC Filter Replacement Services in Overland Park and Olathe, KS

AC Filter Replacement Services in Overland Park

How Often to Replace Your AC Filter

The time frame for replacing your air filter will depend on your household’s particular needs. If you have family members with respiratory problems, or if you have pets or smokers, you will likely need to replace your filter more often.

Here is a general time frame for AC filter replacement:

If the situations above don’t apply to your home, you should replace your AC filter every 3 months to keep your system running efficiently.

Taking the time to change out the filter on a regular basis will go a long way towards helping you enjoy hassle-free cooling and clean indoor air.

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Fiberglass AC Filters

This type of filter is the most popular due to its low cost and wide availability. It’s easy to find fiberglass filters selling for as low as a dollar apiece.

What’s great about fiberglass filters is that they offer extensive airflow, allowing you to enjoy the cool air you need much more easily. However, more efficient airflow means less particles get caught in the filter—which is why fiberglass filters typically need to be replaced every month.

Pleated AC Filters

A more effective alternative to fiberglass is the pleated filter. Pleated AC filters provide a larger surface area to capture dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants—and they are more effective at capturing smaller particles such as pet dander and dust mite debris.

Pleated filters are typically replaced every 3 months, making them a great value while also helping you achieve a cleaner home environment and improved indoor comfort.

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