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A well-functioning heater is one of the most important major household appliances during the cooler fall and winter months. Heating systems require regular maintenance and inspection to keep them working efficiently. Homeowners will find that doing so is highly beneficial.

At Priced Right Heating & Cooling, our technicians possess the skills and knowledge base to perform regular inspections and routine maintenance on heaters. If a problem is suspected, we can diagnose and troubleshoot the issue and repair or replace your heating unit. We deliver quality workmanship and excellent service to keep our customers’ homes warm and comfortable when the outdoor temperature drops. Rely on us for all of your Leawood heating services.

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How long can you expect your heater to last?

A furnace can generally be expected to last 15 to 20 years if properly maintained. The actual lifespan will also vary based on the quality of the appliance and how it is used. Gas and oil models tend to last a few years longer than forced air units with heat pumps. Heaters have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Why is routine maintenance important?

Calling a professional in to conduct regular furnace maintenance and inspections offers four key advantages. Those to consider include:

  • Being prepared for the colder months. By scheduling an inspection each fall, households can detect potential problems before the cold weather sets in.
  • Discover current issues. Inspections typically reveal smaller repairs that can and should be made to prolong the life of the furnace.
  • Consider if replacement is necessary. During a maintenance visit, the tech can evaluate if replacing your unit all together will be more beneficial for you.
  • Test efficiency of unit. A system that heats more efficiently will keep the home warmer and more comfortable while consuming less energy.

What are the indicators that your heater needs repairs or replacement?

Determining whether to repair or replace your system is not always a straightforward decision. Therefore, it is best to consult a professional when attempting to troubleshoot a furnace problem. There are times when spending money to repair a furnace component can actually save money in the long run. Homeowners should know that an inefficient furnace does not necessarily need to be replaced in every case.

Changing the filter and ensuring the humidifier is set at the proper level can immediately increase efficiency. Replacing the pilot light with electric ignition and sealing the joints in ductwork can also extend the life of a heater by causing it to distribute heat more efficiently.

The main reason a household should consider replacing a unit is due to age. If a heater is approaching 15 to 20 years old, the homeowner should start to plan to purchase a replacement in the near future. Oftentimes, they do not show obvious signs before they simply stop working. Some consumers may also wish to replace their existing unit with one that is powered by a less expensive energy source.

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