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Reasons to Consider Getting a High Efficiency AC Unit for Your Home

Thinking about getting a new AC unit?


Overland Park ACIn recent years, high efficiency AC units have become more and more attractive. Some may say that this attraction was brought on by its longer life expectancy by almost doubling from standard units of the past. Others may argue that it comes from the comfort of its even airflow by producing less temperature swings. Or, it may be the unit’s environmentally-friendly use of standard refrigerant instead of Freon. Yet, even though all of these attractive features are included with higher efficiency models, the overall biggest attraction is still the price. The current savings that are available on high efficiency AC units make the decision almost too good to pass up.

Every year temperatures seem to be rising and so do the costs of energy. This causes units to work harder and longer with energy sources that are becoming more scarce and costly. Less efficient units waste much of these valued resources creating an unnecessary strain to monthly expenses. The idea of significantly cutting monthly costs, sometimes as much as half the current rate, is greatly appealing.

In addition, the monthly operational costs are not all that will be saved. Working harder also contributes to additional wear and tear leading to the need for repairs on lower class models. In most cases those repairs include the need for additional refrigerant, and if Freon is used, those costs have doubled from the past. This is due to a shortage of Freon which has made prices skyrocket. Soon, Freon will no longer be available, as it is scheduled to be phased out by the year 2020.

So, why wait? There are many money saving incentives available. The majority of newer units on the market offer mail-in rebates encouraging consumers to buy the more efficient models. In addition, government programs also offer tax credits for energy efficient models reducing the costs even further.

When considering the purchase of a new high energy efficient AC, the reasons can be overwhelmingly in favor of these newer models. They distribute cooler air more evenly, have longer life expectancies, are environmentally-friendly, and most importantly are extremely cost effective.

Looking to install a new high efficiency AC unit in your Overland Park home? Call Priced Right Heating and Cooling at (913) 713-5911 and get started today!

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