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Reasons Your Furnace Smells Like That

Why Does My Furnace Smell Like it’s Burning? (3 Possible Reasons)

If there is one thing that no person wants to experience when the weather outside is cold, it’s a furnace that smells like it may be burning. When this happens, it’s a good idea to shut off the furnace until you are sure what is causing the smell to occur.

Otherwise, it’s possible the cause could be one that may start a house fire or other incident. Because there are several reasons why a furnace could be experiencing this problem, it’s smart to learn how to recognize certain indicators that could point to one problem or another.

If you want to know why your furnace may be giving off burning smells, take a look at the following tips.

Overland Park, KS Furnace Repair ServicesCondensation Drains

When condensation drains are installed on air conditioning systems, some people make the mistake of draining the condensation into a sewer vent. However, that’s regarded by most HVAC companies as something that should never be done.

But if it is, the condensation will quickly build up in the furnace’s ductwork while the air conditioning system is not in use. If this happens, the combination will produce a variety of poisonous gases that will force people out of their home until the problem is resolved.

If you notice burning smells that resemble pollution or smog, contact an Overland Park HVAC company at once.

Rats and Mice

Yes, rats and mice can lead to some very bad smells coming from the furnace. In most cases, it’s because they got trapped in there and died.

However, when they get trapped in the heat exchanger along with other debris such as dirt, hair, and pollen, the smell produced can be disgusting to say the least.

If you smell what appears to be garbage burning, cut off the furnace and have an HVAC technician check the blower, ductwork, or evaporator coil for signs of dead animals. Once they and any other debris are removed, the bad smells will disappear within a few hours.

Malfunctioning Motor

Considered the nerve center of the furnace, when the motor goes out so does the furnace and all its heat for the home. Common causes for the motor to malfunction include the motor windings or transformers short circuiting, which will produce smells of plastic burning.

By contacting an Overland Park HVAC technician as soon as these smells are noticed, a homeowner may be able to avoid much more extensive repairs in the months ahead.

Is your furnace in smelling up your Overland Park, KS home? Call Priced Right Heating & Cooling today at (913) 713-5911, and get that foul odor out of your home.

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