When Should Ductwork Be Repaired or Replaced?

Air Duct Repair and Replacement 

Air ducts are essential to a home’s central heating and air conditioning system and often go unappreciated. Over time they can degrade to the point that they are inefficient and need repairs or replacement. Here is a quick guide to air duct repair and replacement to help homeowners make educated decisions about this vital part of a home’s comfort system. 

Look Out for These Signs of Damaged Ducts smell

Air ducts are naturally exposed to hazards that can increase the likelihood of required repairs. Some signs that air ducts are damaged and could benefit from repairs or a replacement are: 

  • Strange, musty odors that are hard to get rid of and permeate the whole home
  • Airflow problems like hot or cold spots around the home
  • Climbing utility bills
  • Strange noises like clicking or banging as ductwork expands or contracts 
  • Obvious damage to visible ductwork, like missing insulation or crushed portions of ductwork

If homeowners notice these signs, they should call a qualified professional because ductwork repair is likely needed. In extreme cases of damage, experts may recommend air duct replacement. Read on to learn about the benefits of air duct replacement. 

Benefits of Replacing Air Ducts save

The cost of air duct replacement can be worrisome for some homeowners. Luckily, paying for new ductwork isn’t a waste. Installing new air ducts has benefits that make the procedure worth it, including the following: 

  • Lower utility bills, which are the result of greater efficiency 
  • Quieter operation
  • Cleaner, odor-free air in the home
  • Increased comfort and better airflow

Air Duct Repair Methods 

If the damage to ductwork isn’t widespread, air duct repair may be all that is needed to restore better comfort and efficiency to a home. There are several methods professionals can use to perform air duct repairs. The technique an HVAC professional will use to repair ductwork is largely based on the style of duct present and the nature of the problem. 

For example, sections of metal ductwork that are crushed or damaged can be replaced instead of replacing the whole thing. Sagging ductwork can be resecured by installing special straps to anchor the ducts. Additionally, more insulation can be added to ductwork with missing insulation, and small holes or leaks in the ductwork can be patched with sealant. With a bit of attention from a professional, air duct repair can restore lost heating or cooling power for a lower cost than replacement. 

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