Break These Bad Heating and Cooling Habits in 2023

3 Bad HVAC Habits to Break This Year 

There is no better time to break some bad habits than the present. During the start of the new year, everyone has a little extra motivation to kick some bad habits to the curb and reinforce good habits that can benefit them. 

Getting rid of some bad habits as far as the heating and cooling system is concerned can provide some benefits, including: 

  • Better health through improved air quality
  • Better efficiency leads to saving money with lower utility bills
  • Staying stress-free with reliable equipment with a longer lifespan and fewer breakdowns

This blog will discuss the three bad heating and cooling habits that homeowners should change. 

Forgetting to Replace the Air Filters filter

Diet and exercise can go a long way to supporting good health, but they aren’t the only thing to focus on. In the winter, everyone is cramped indoors and constantly exposed to the air in the home. If the home has poor indoor air quality, then the residents can be faced with worsened: 

  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Asthma
  • Dry skin

Low-quality indoor air is a recipe for generally ill health, but it can be combated by replacing air filters more often. Experts recommend that air filters be changed at least every three months. But if homes have pets, are located in a dusty environment, or residents suffer from the ailments mentioned above, more frequent replacements may be needed. In addition, changing air filters on time keeps the HVAC system working efficiently and prevents problems. 

Closing or Blocking Air Vents

ventAnother bad habit that can happen in nearly every home is closing air vents or blocking them with furniture. Most air vents are located on the perimeter of a room where couches and dressers fight for space. Too often, vents get blocked or closed intentionally by homeowners who think this will improve the temperature in the room. These are bad habits homeowners should break. 

The pressure imbalance caused by blocked or closed air vents is bad for an HVAC system because it can lead to poor indoor air quality, energy inefficiency, and even equipment damage. Additionally, when the pressure is off balance, it can cause an HVAC system to work harder than normal and use more energy, leading to higher energy bills. To keep utility bills low while allowing the system to operate as intended, leave air vents open and unblocked. 

Neglecting Maintenance 

Air conditioners and heaters are essential to staying comfortable in extreme summers and winters, but they need routine maintenance to keep up with all the work they do. The benefits of regular maintenance from a professional include: 

  • Fewer repairs
  • Better efficiency
  • Lower utility bills
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Longer lifespan 

During maintenance visits, technicians will perform tasks designed to limit the stress on heating and cooling equipment, including cleaning coils, examining ductwork for any damage or leaks, and testing the system to ensure it is operating correctly. Additionally, checking and calibrating the thermostat for accurate temperature readings is necessary to ensure the HVAC system works efficiently. When regular maintenance is performed, homeowners can expect energy bills to become more manageable and their equipment to last longer. 

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