3 Signs of a Broken Air Conditioner

When Is Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement Necessary?

A typical AC unit lasts around 10 to 20 years, depending on many factors, including the type of AC it is, how well it’s maintained, and how often it’s used. Once it reaches old age, the air conditioner is no longer as efficient and may take longer to cool the entire home. 

A broken AC is not only inconvenient in the summer but costly. Since many air conditioning systems continue to blow cool air even when damaged, specific warning signs can help homeowners identify a problem with their AC, alerting them to get help.

Uneven Cooling

hotIf an AC system struggles to cool the entire home, leading to the house not getting cool enough or inconsistent temperatures in different rooms, many issues can be the cause. It could be a simple fix and the result of clogged or dirty air filters. But if homeowners have already replaced their air filters and still experience warmer temperatures or cooling issues, the AC will need professional repair, maintenance, or replacement services. 

Refrigerant leaks can be a common issue with older systems. Refrigerant is a chemical that helps produce cold air by absorbing heat once converted from a gas to a liquid. A crack or hole in the AC coils can cause refrigerant to leak and the home to experience issues getting cool. Repair services are usually able to fix the problem so that AC replacement is not necessary. HVAC contractors can inspect the air conditioning system to determine the cause of the uneven cooling and the best way to fix it. 

High Electric Bills

A sudden increase in energy bills is another sign of AC problems. If an air conditioner uses more energy than it once did to cool the home, it can be tracked by monitoring monthly energy bills. As AC units age, they can become less energy efficient and cost more to run, and a lack of maintenance can also cause energy bills to rise. 

However, if the cooling costs spike over a short period and not gradually over time, the issue could be a malfunctioning or broken component inside the air conditioner. As summer temperatures rise, the air conditioner also needs more energy to keep the home cool. Bills may gradually increase over the summer months, but keeping an eye on each electric bill will help homeowners spot AC issues.

Strange Smells and Unexplained Noises

smellMore signs of AC trouble are unusual sounds and smells. A leak in the refrigerant line can cause the home to smell like an exhaust pipe and lead to bubbling or hissing sounds. The odor is typically stronger at ground level and can give off a slightly sweet scent, and the sound is typically heard from the outdoor AC unit. These leaks are dangerous and should only be fixed by a professional. A burning smell is an urgent issue that could indicate the unit is overheating or experiencing electrical problems. 

The musty smell of moldy air can indicate an accumulation of water and mold growing in or around the AC unit or ducts. Critters could cause other foul smells. Birds and mice like to nest inside the ductwork because it’s warm in winter. By summer, these animal smells can be much stronger, and the scent is often dispersed along with the cool air. 

A high-pitched noise usually means the fan’s motor is malfunctioning. This happens when the belt between the motor and the blower is dislodged. Grinding sounds may indicate the AC’s motor may need to be replaced. If there is a rattling or buzzing noise from the air conditioner, parts may have become loose or broken and are rattling inside the unit. If homeowners experience any of these symptoms of AC problems, they should call a professional who can inspect the system to find the cause and fix it.

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Three Major Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

Why Go Ductless?

Picking out an appropriate HVAC system for a household can be pretty intimidating. The two main options are the more traditional central air systems that use air ducts or mini-split systems that don’t require any ducts. Ductless heating and cooling systems offer numerous advantages compared to central air systems. These benefits include decreased energy expenditures, hassle-free installation, superior comfort, and indoor air quality. Read on to learn about the benefits of ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems. 

A Ductless Heating and Cooling System Can Reduce Energy Bills

billDuctless heating and cooling systems offer homeowners several opportunities to save money. Some estimates put energy loss through ductwork at 25% to 40% with traditional central air systems. But since mini-split systems don’t transfer air through ducts, this loss of efficiency is no longer a factor, which saves homeowners money on their energy bills. Ductless systems also utilize inverter technology, enabling them to adjust their output according to each room’s heating and cooling requirements. This feature ensures that they utilize only the necessary energy to keep the room at the set temperature instead of cycling on and off constantly, which can increase energy costs.

Another mini-split money-saving factor is the zone control capabilities of these systems. Unlike traditional HVAC systems that warm or cool the entire home simultaneously, ductless systems allow homeowners to regulate the temperature in each zone separately. This makes it possible for homeowners to reduce energy use in unoccupied rooms, decreasing energy bills.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Are Easier to Install

acWhile many modern homes already have or are built to facilitate ductwork, this is not the case with older homes or additions. Since they don’t require ducts, mini splits are ideal if the house has no room for air duct installation. Additionally, installing ductwork can be complicated and take more time, so many people opt for a ductless mini-split system instead. 

With a mini-split system, multiple indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit by electrical wiring and refrigerant lines instead of ductwork. This makes installation simpler than installing air ducts throughout the entire home or building with a central air heating and cooling system installation. 

A Ductless System Can Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort

Customizing temperatures throughout the home with mini splits can be an effective way to maximize comfort in a home. Using multiple indoor units, homeowners can set individual temperature levels for different rooms or areas of the house. This means no area will be too hot or cold because each room or zone can have its own tailored setting.

Ductless systems can also enhance the indoor air quality of a residence due to the absence of ducts and the presence of a dedicated air filter for each unit. Ducts are a breeding ground for dust, dirt, mold, and other airborne pollutants that can circulate throughout the home whenever the central air system runs. However, this is not a concern with a ductless system. The filter of each indoor unit can capture allergens that float around within the house. 

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What Tools Do HVAC Contractors Use in Their Work?

A Guide to the Tools Heating and Cooling Technicians Keep in Their Fully Stocked Trucks

Anyone who’s ever had an HVAC technician come to their home has probably noticed that many contractors travel around in fully stocked trucks. They come prepared with almost everything they may need, from tools and equipment to replacement parts to perform any task they might encounter on a given day.

Naturally, HVAC technicians can’t exactly drive around with replacement parts for every model of heaters and air conditioners they might work on – that would require a truck the size of a warehouse. Instead, they keep a stash of essential universal parts, while model-specific parts are ordered ahead of time (when possible) and brought to the job sites that need them. So what are HVAC service trucks stocked with that’s so important? Tools. Lots and lots of tools and equipment. This article will give readers an inside look at various tools, safety equipment, and specialized instruments that HVAC contractors use.

Basic Hand Tools

toolsEvery heating and cooling technician’s toolbox starts with the basics – standard hand tools with a wide range of applications beyond the realm of HVAC, including:

  • Hammer
  • Cordless drill
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Nut drivers
  • Wrenches (Adjustable C-wrench, pipe wrench, crescent wrench, etc.)
  • Pliers (needlenose pliers, lineman pliers, wire crimpers, etc.)
  • Allen/hex key set
  • Cutting instruments (utility knife, wire cutters, tube and pipe cutters, sheet metal sheers for ductwork, etc.)
  • Flashlight/headlamp
  • Staple gun
  • Extension cords

Safety Gear

Working on HVAC systems can be hazardous, so no heating and cooling contractor’s toolkit would be complete without a comprehensive collection of safety equipment. Here are some protective equipment professionals are sure to carry at all times:

  • Gloves – Many techs carry multiple types of gloves for different tasks. Still, the standard is a pair of tough but flexible gloves that provide plenty of protection against cuts, abrasions, and burns while allowing enough dexterity to handle small parts.
  • Masks – Masks and respirators are commonly used to protect against dust, hazardous chemicals, and other contaminants that may be present at a given job site.
  • Goggles – Eye protection is essential to guard against flying debris, dust, and chemicals, particularly when working with power tools or in crawlspaces.
  • Ear plugs – Operating power tools, especially in confined spaces, can be extremely noisy, so technicians use ear plugs to protect their hearing.

Specialized HVAC Tools and Equipment

toolsWhile some of the tools and gear that HVAC contractors use are fairly common, they also use plenty of specialized tools and equipment specific to their trade, such as:

  • Coil fin straightener (for cleaning and straightening the metal fins on evaporator/condenser coil arrays)
  • Core removal tool (for replacing refrigerant line check valves)
  • Vacuum pump (for clearing refrigerant lines in preparation for recharging the refrigerant)
  • Flushing solvent (for removing contaminants from refrigerant lines)
  • Refrigerant tanks
  • HVAC-specific multimeter (for testing electrical components and measuring amperage)
  • Thermometers and thermocouples (for taking temperature readings)
  • Psychrometer (for measuring airflow and relative humidity)
  • Leak detectors (to check for refrigerant leaks)

By keeping this combination of specialized HVAC tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), and general hand tools on hand, heating and cooling contractors can handle any job the day throws at them – with as little inconvenience to their customers as possible!

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Priced Right Heating & Cooling is a veteran-owned business serving Lenexa, KS, and the surrounding communities. They provide fair prices, personal attention, and fully stocked trucks for quick turnarounds. Call them today for heating and air conditioning services in Lenexa, KS.

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The Benefits of AC Maintenance in the Spring

Why is Spring the Best Time for AC Maintenance?

Maintaining the air conditioner in the spring is ideal for preparing it for the summer heat. The last thing homeowners want during the hottest months of the year is for the air conditioning to break down, so maintenance in the spring is crucial to ensure reliable performance. This blog will discuss the benefits of air conditioning maintenance

Better Energy Efficiency 

filterRoutine maintenance from an HVAC professional can help ensure improved energy efficiency for an air conditioning system and lower energy bills. A qualified technician can spot potential problems before they become more serious and can diagnose any performance issues. 

They will also be able to perform essential maintenance tasks like cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, lubricating moving parts, replacing dirty air filters, checking refrigerant levels, and making necessary repairs. This will keep the system operating as efficiently as possible, saving homeowners money on cooling costs.

More Reliable Performance

hvacA well-maintained air conditioner will lead to more reliable performance and fewer surprise repairs. By having a professional technician inspect and tune up the air conditioner each spring, they can catch minor issues before they become major ones and keep the system operating dependably all summer long with fewer repairs. 

Having an air conditioning unit that doesn’t break down in the summer needing repair due to regular maintenance saves homeowners even more money, not just on energy bills but this time on repairs. Without routine maintenance, even the most reliable air conditioners can break down unexpectedly.

Longer Life for the AC

Another benefit of routine air conditioning maintenance is that it helps extend its lifespan. The average central air conditioner lasts around 15 to 20 years, and the best way to ensure it lasts as long as possible is with maintenance. A well-maintained AC unit can provide many years of reliable service before it needs to be replaced, saving homeowners more money by preventing early replacement costs. 

Maintenance services like changing the air filter, cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, and checking refrigerant levels can help extend the life of the AC unit by maintaining efficient performance and ensuring that no unnecessary wear and tear or damage occurs. By keeping up with regular maintenance, homeowners can help their air conditioners operate reliably for a long time to come. 

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Priced Right Heating & Cooling is a veteran-owned business serving Lenexa, KS, and the surrounding areas. They provide honest pricing, quick turnarounds, and personal attention. Call them today for air conditioning maintenance in Lenexa, KS

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Save on a New HVAC System With the Inflation Reduction Act

Discover How the Inflation Reduction Act Rewards Homeowners for Energy-Efficient Upgrades

There is a solution for homeowners who want to upgrade their HVAC system but are concerned about the costs. The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits and rebates to homeowners who invest in energy-efficient home improvements, such as a new heater, air conditioner, or heat pump. This blog post will provide readers with an understanding of how the Inflation Reduction Act works and how it can make upgrading the HVAC system more affordable. 

Exploring the Inflation Reduction Act

inflationThe Inflation Reduction Act is a piece of legislation passed by the United States Congress. Its purpose is to reduce the rate of inflation that had been steadily increasing and focus on climate and energy. The Inflation Reduction Act also encourages homeowners to invest in energy-efficient home improvements by providing tax credits and rebates, including new energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that can lower their carbon footprint and save money on energy bills.

Homeowners must purchase and install an eligible system within the timeframe specified by the act to qualify for tax credits and rebates. The amount of tax credits and rebates available varies based on the type of system installed, its energy efficiency, and other factors. 

Discover Which Systems Qualify

To qualify for tax credits or rebates, HVAC systems and heat pumps must meet certain energy efficiency requirements. The system must meet or exceed the highest efficiency tier established by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency to be eligible for the incentives. 

Heat pumps may be eligible for a tax rebate of 30 percent of the project cost up to $2,000, while gas furnaces and ACs may qualify for 30 percent of the cost up to $600. This applies to installations starting in 2023, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade to a new, energy-efficient system. 

How Upgrading the HVAC System Can Benefit Homeowners

benefitsThere are numerous advantages to installing a new HVAC system or heat pump. The Inflation Reduction Act allows homeowners to take advantage of tax credits and rebates for installing an energy-efficient system, resulting in savings. Furthermore, the system’s energy efficiency can assist homeowners in saving even more money on their monthly energy bills. 

Homeowners can improve their indoor air quality and their comfort and control over their home’s temperature by upgrading to a new HVAC system. Homeowners will also benefit from increased reliability and fewer repairs with a new system. Overall, investing in a new HVAC system or heat pump is a wise decision to benefit both the environment and a homeowner’s wallet.

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Priced Right Heating & Cooling is a veteran-owned business serving Lenexa, KS, and the surrounding communities. They provide upfront pricing, quick turnarounds, and personal attention. Call them today for an air conditioner, heater, or heat pump installation in Lenexa, KS

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A Humidifier Can Help Make the Winter’s Cold, Dry Air More Comfortable

Humidifier Benefits

Though Kansas is known more for its wind than its relative humidity, the cold air sweeping across the plains is drier in the winter. Dry air affects people’s skin and lungs and can even affect the home. This article will discuss a solution to dry indoor air: a humidifier. This device can make the warm air from a home’s heating system even more pleasant and beneficial to health rather than just keeping the house at a reasonable temperature.

Helps Respiratory Health

benefitThough too much humidity can cause its own issues, the dryness in winter air can irritate the respiratory system and decrease indoor air quality. The mucosa membrane that lines the nose, mouth, sinus cavity, and throat must maintain a certain amount of moisture for proper function. If a household member has a respiratory infection, these linings can become raw and swollen, only adding to the irritation. Some of these typical winter symptoms can be battled by using a humidifier. A whole-home humidifier can lessen the following respiratory conditions:

  • Asthma
  • Coughing
  • Congestion
  • Nose bleeds
  • Sore throat
  • Sinus pain 

A humidifier can also make cold symptoms more bearable and help maintain good indoor air quality for households with chronic conditions.

Helps With Skincare

Skin is perhaps the most severely affected part of the body during the cold, dry months. It needs nearly constant applications of lotion and chapstick to combat dry skin and lips. The problem with dry air is that dehydrated skin loses its elasticity and becomes more fragile, causing the following issues:

  • Chapping: When the skin is dry, it tends to tear, especially in areas that are constantly moving and are exposed to the air, like the lips and the knuckles. This raw irritation can be very distracting and uncomfortable and is difficult to heal once it has started.
  • Bleeding: Sometimes, the chapping is so bad that it leads to bleeding at the site of the skin tears. 
  • Sensitivity: Dry skin also tends to be easier to irritate and damage.
  • Itchiness: Dry skin tends to get itchy, which, if a person scratches, starts a cycle of skin damage that is difficult to break.
  • Wrinkles: Dehydrated skin shows wrinkles more readily than properly hydrated skin.

All of these issues can be mitigated by installing a whole home humidifier.

Helps Indoor Plants

plantIndoor plants are not only beautiful additions to any home, but they also offer a variety of benefits. One of the most important benefits is that indoor plants can utilize the moisture in the air to produce food and oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis and helps maintain healthy indoor air quality. However, to take full advantage of this process, it is recommended that a central humidifier be installed. 

House plants often get the short end of the stick in winter. Since the temperature has mostly stayed the same indoors, people may feel that their plants do not need extra care. However, the dry indoor air can affect them too. Since plants need moisture to create their nutrients, a humidifier can give them extra help during the winter season. A whole-house humidifier provides the ideal environment for photosynthesis and ensures the plants get the moisture they need to thrive. A central humidifier can create an optimal environment for indoor plants to flourish.

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Priced Right Heating & Cooling is a veteran-owned business serving Lenexa, KS, and the surrounding communities. They offer quality service at a fair price, quick turnarounds, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call them today for humidifier installation and replacement services in Lenexa, KS

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Break These Bad Heating and Cooling Habits in 2023

3 Bad HVAC Habits to Break This Year 

There is no better time to break some bad habits than the present. During the start of the new year, everyone has a little extra motivation to kick some bad habits to the curb and reinforce good habits that can benefit them. 

Getting rid of some bad habits as far as the heating and cooling system is concerned can provide some benefits, including: 

  • Better health through improved air quality
  • Better efficiency leads to saving money with lower utility bills
  • Staying stress-free with reliable equipment with a longer lifespan and fewer breakdowns

This blog will discuss the three bad heating and cooling habits that homeowners should change. 

Forgetting to Replace the Air Filters filter

Diet and exercise can go a long way to supporting good health, but they aren’t the only thing to focus on. In the winter, everyone is cramped indoors and constantly exposed to the air in the home. If the home has poor indoor air quality, then the residents can be faced with worsened: 

  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Asthma
  • Dry skin

Low-quality indoor air is a recipe for generally ill health, but it can be combated by replacing air filters more often. Experts recommend that air filters be changed at least every three months. But if homes have pets, are located in a dusty environment, or residents suffer from the ailments mentioned above, more frequent replacements may be needed. In addition, changing air filters on time keeps the HVAC system working efficiently and prevents problems. 

Closing or Blocking Air Vents

ventAnother bad habit that can happen in nearly every home is closing air vents or blocking them with furniture. Most air vents are located on the perimeter of a room where couches and dressers fight for space. Too often, vents get blocked or closed intentionally by homeowners who think this will improve the temperature in the room. These are bad habits homeowners should break. 

The pressure imbalance caused by blocked or closed air vents is bad for an HVAC system because it can lead to poor indoor air quality, energy inefficiency, and even equipment damage. Additionally, when the pressure is off balance, it can cause an HVAC system to work harder than normal and use more energy, leading to higher energy bills. To keep utility bills low while allowing the system to operate as intended, leave air vents open and unblocked. 

Neglecting Maintenance 

Air conditioners and heaters are essential to staying comfortable in extreme summers and winters, but they need routine maintenance to keep up with all the work they do. The benefits of regular maintenance from a professional include: 

  • Fewer repairs
  • Better efficiency
  • Lower utility bills
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Longer lifespan 

During maintenance visits, technicians will perform tasks designed to limit the stress on heating and cooling equipment, including cleaning coils, examining ductwork for any damage or leaks, and testing the system to ensure it is operating correctly. Additionally, checking and calibrating the thermostat for accurate temperature readings is necessary to ensure the HVAC system works efficiently. When regular maintenance is performed, homeowners can expect energy bills to become more manageable and their equipment to last longer. 

About Priced Right Heating & Cooling

Priced Right Heating & Cooling is a veteran-owned business serving Lenexa, KS, and the surrounding areas for over ten years. They provide fair prices, personal attention, and quick turnarounds. Call them today for filter replacement, AC, or heater maintenance in Lenexa, KS.

When Should Ductwork Be Repaired or Replaced?

Air Duct Repair and Replacement 

Air ducts are essential to a home’s central heating and air conditioning system and often go unappreciated. Over time they can degrade to the point that they are inefficient and need repairs or replacement. Here is a quick guide to air duct repair and replacement to help homeowners make educated decisions about this vital part of a home’s comfort system. 

Look Out for These Signs of Damaged Ducts smell

Air ducts are naturally exposed to hazards that can increase the likelihood of required repairs. Some signs that air ducts are damaged and could benefit from repairs or a replacement are: 

  • Strange, musty odors that are hard to get rid of and permeate the whole home
  • Airflow problems like hot or cold spots around the home
  • Climbing utility bills
  • Strange noises like clicking or banging as ductwork expands or contracts 
  • Obvious damage to visible ductwork, like missing insulation or crushed portions of ductwork

If homeowners notice these signs, they should call a qualified professional because ductwork repair is likely needed. In extreme cases of damage, experts may recommend air duct replacement. Read on to learn about the benefits of air duct replacement. 

Benefits of Replacing Air Ducts save

The cost of air duct replacement can be worrisome for some homeowners. Luckily, paying for new ductwork isn’t a waste. Installing new air ducts has benefits that make the procedure worth it, including the following: 

  • Lower utility bills, which are the result of greater efficiency 
  • Quieter operation
  • Cleaner, odor-free air in the home
  • Increased comfort and better airflow

Air Duct Repair Methods 

If the damage to ductwork isn’t widespread, air duct repair may be all that is needed to restore better comfort and efficiency to a home. There are several methods professionals can use to perform air duct repairs. The technique an HVAC professional will use to repair ductwork is largely based on the style of duct present and the nature of the problem. 

For example, sections of metal ductwork that are crushed or damaged can be replaced instead of replacing the whole thing. Sagging ductwork can be resecured by installing special straps to anchor the ducts. Additionally, more insulation can be added to ductwork with missing insulation, and small holes or leaks in the ductwork can be patched with sealant. With a bit of attention from a professional, air duct repair can restore lost heating or cooling power for a lower cost than replacement. 

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Priced Right Heating & Cooling is a veteran-owned business serving Lenexa, KS, and the surrounding areas. They provide honest pricing, quick turnarounds, and personal attention. Call them today for heating and cooling services in Lenexa, KS.

Take a Moment to Be Thankful for HVAC Technicians This Month

HVAC Services to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving has traditionally been associated with harvest festivals, the last feast before people had to prepare for a very long winter. As cold weather rolls in around the area, it can be easy to sympathize with ancestors that had to huddle around a fire and hope for an early spring. In modern times, folks take their heating and cooling systems for granted but taking a moment to appreciate them and the professionals who work on them in a time of giving thanks is appropriate.

This year, homeowners can be thankful for climate-controlled homes and the professionals working tirelessly all year long to ensure that everyone is safe from the elements. Here are three important reasons to appreciate them.

Staying Warm in the Winterheater service

Winter time was always a stressful time before heating systems were widely available. During the winter, the cold temperatures seriously threatened the survival of anyone that ran out of heating resources like firewood or coal. Additionally, food stores would have to last through the winter, or starvation became likely.

Instead of hunkering down for spring, HVAC technicians make it so people can thrive during the colder months. Keeping homes warm, they provide installation, repair, and maintenance services to ensure heaters and furnaces are fixed promptly and work safely and efficiently to last through the year.

Beating the Heat During the Summer

AC serviceThe summer days are gone for now, but it’s easy to remember the sweltering days of just a few months ago. While winter makes it easy to be thankful for heaters, summer may be the more vital season for HVAC technicians and services.

With summers getting hotter, it is more important than ever before that homes are cooled. Dealing with the elements during the summer is hard on everyone, but especially the young, elderly, and those with compromised health. With the help of HVAC technicians, everyone can thrive during the summer. They keep the cool air blowing and the humidity in check by safely performing air conditioner repairs, installation, and maintenance.

Safe Indoor Air Quality

Another common concern historically has been indoor air quality. During the winter, people would spend their time crowded around the fire in cramped homes with stale air and high levels of indoor air pollution. Respiratory diseases ran rampant regardless of the season, and indoor spaces couldn’t be kept clean.

As soon as climate control technology was developed, it was clear that it would function to clean up the air as well. Indoor air quality, or IAQ, is an essential component of HVAC contractors’ responsibilities. Without high-quality indoor air, people are vulnerable to:

  • Worsening allergies from constant dust and mold exposure
  • Sinus infections from bacteria in the air
  • Dry skin and mucous membranes from too little humidity
  • Asthma attacks
  • Dusty spaces where dust mites thrive

With routine HVAC maintenance from a professional, homeowners can help keep their indoor air clean. Homeowners should also change their air filters at least every three months so the system can have proper airflow and dust and debris can continue to be removed from their environment. With professional attention twice yearly, the unit stays clean, and the equipment operates to keep humidity levels perfect. HVAC technicians can also install air filtration systems to help further improve the indoor air quality of a home.

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Priced Right Heating & Cooling is a veteran-owned business serving Lenexa, KS, and the surrounding areas for over a decade. They provide upfront pricing, quick turnarounds, and personal attention. Call them today for indoor air quality, AC, and heating services in Lenexa, KS.