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Prepare Your Home For a Scorching Hot Summer!

Is Your Home Ready for What’s Ahead?

As much as you may have counted down the days since January, you must ask yourself whether your home is ready for summer. Although it may seem so, we are continually putting winter a little bit more behind us every single day as we approach the warmer summer months.

Many homes must have taken a beating from the past winter snow as well as frigid temperatures, and with summer fast approaching, taking advantage of the warm weather of spring to prepare your home in anticipation of the hot summer months is prudent. Just in case this summer is a scorcher, the last thing you would want is to deal with a hot house throughout summer.

Like most homeowners, chances are you have previously relied on your air conditioning unit to ensure your home is cool and comfortable during the hot summer season. Keeping your HVAC system at optimal performance through maintenance and check-up is important in keeping your family safe, comfortable, and ensuring you maintain low energy costs this summer. Here is a home maintenance checklist to assist you to adequately prepare.

The Importance of Maintenance

cleaning-the-outdoor-ac-unit-Getting stuck with a still, misty and hot air in your home during summer can be quite disgruntling, making it critical to ensure you have a high efficiency air conditioner before the start of summer.

Checking your AC unit now goes a long way towards helping you avoid possible malfunctions during the hot days. The best part is that, without the need and cost of engaging a professional, most of us can give our AC units a comprehensive checkup.

Simple maintenance will help lengthen your AC’s lifespan, and it is, therefore, important to inspect your furnace. Flammables pose safety risks, especially when around things like furnaces; it is, therefore, important to make sure the area around the furnace is clear before you turn it on.

Even clearing leaves and debris from around the AC unit’s outside cabinet is helpful. Since HVAC units are costly, it is critical to schedule routine checkups, which help in the prevention of furnace overheating, and ensures HVAC units run smoothly and have a longer life. Checkups additionally ensure energy efficiency and can save us a ton of money.

Checking the filters is another major concern. Depending on the filter type, your HVAC system uses, it is important that you clean and change the filters month after month, especially when your air conditioning and heating unit is in use.

In case you failed to replace the filter before the last time you used the furnace, changing the filter and starting the summer with a new one is a definite recommendation.

Ceiling fans also help when it comes to cooling down your home. The installation of ceiling fans will help you maintain cooler temperatures inside your home. If you already have ceiling fans installed, a changing of the rotation of blades is also helpful.

Fan blades that rotate in a counter-clockwise motion help push air downwards and create a stronger and cooler draft. In case your AC unit is not working, check your main electrical panel, then double check and confirm your furnace switch is set to the “on” position.

Your AC unit might not be cooling as much as you expect, and might be in need of simple cleaning or maybe a change of the coolant which will require the attention of an experienced professional.

Regardless of whether you have been periodically servicing your HVAC units, the performance of various maintenance tasks will help in keeping your system smooth in running.

Routine maintenance on your furnace and certain parts of your AC unit that are exposed is easy, and will ensure your unit performs at optimal levels. There are parts of the AC unit that are not readily available and getting a professional to inspect your unit well before the onset of summer is recommended.

Upgrading your HVAC System Before Summer

install-ceiling-fansAt times, you might find that your HVAC system is not performing at its optimal level and after trying the maintenance tips, it still performs the same. In such cases, you might be in need of an upgrade. Several factors contribute to the need for upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioner, these include;

Age: This is arguably the most common reason why AC units stop working. The modern AC units are 20 percent more effective and efficient compared to older models.

Upgrading to the current HVAC systems assures you freedom from breakdown worries, plus a significant reduction on your energy bills. Newer AC units will additionally require minimal maintenance, especially by professionals.

Breakdowns: Your AC unit might have broken down time after time, and you might be tired of fixing the issues that always come up when it come to your HVAC system. If for your AC unit to operate, it continually costs you money on maintenance, then it is time to consider an upgrade.

Temperature Issues: An issue with temperature is another factor to consider before deciding to upgrade. Your AC unit might not be cooling air as it used to in the past. Temperature control is of great importance, and if your AC unit starts failing to cool your home, you might be in need of an upgrade.

It is important to consider a number of factors after you decide to upgrade your HVAC system. Speaking to an air conditioning specialist or a qualified technician will help you determine the most suitable AC unit for your home, which will be after an evaluation of your home.

The options of HVAC systems available on the market today might also pose a challenge, and the engagement of a professional would help you solve this problem.

Odd Noises: In case you start noticing more noise than the usual emanating from your AC system, it might be a sign of major issues within the unit. You might need a replacement of your evaporator coil, which is easily achieved through the engagement of an experienced and professional technician.

The noise might also mean bigger problems and might not be repairable, making it wise to start considering a replacement of the whole system.

More Assistance or Information

Since tip-top air conditioning in your home is of great importance during the summer, ensuring you have a reliable HVAC system is critical. It would be wise to prepare early by engaging the services of a reputable heat and air conditioning service provider.

For effective and efficient heat and air conditioning services in the Overland Park area?, please contact Priced Right Heating and Cooling at (913) 713-5911.

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