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Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer with These Tips!

Americans spend about $30 billion each year on air conditioning. Want to reduce your slice of the pie and make your AC run more efficiently this year? A little proactive care will do the trick—and also help prevent sudden breakdowns this summer.

There’s No Substitute for an AC Tune-Up!

Just a friendly warning: the following tips do not take the place of professional HVAC maintenance. There are DIY tricks to improve air conditioning, and then there’s the expert AC tune-up that catches problems early and improves the actual performance of your cooling system!

How to Prep Your AC for Summer

De-Winterize the AC

Did you put a plastic or mesh cover on your outdoor unit? Remember to undo your winterization; you don’t want to run the system with the cover on!

Trim the Grass and Weeds

Your outdoor unit should also be free and clear of debris. Remove old leaves as best you can and trim any brush around the condenser.

Change the Filter

You should clean or replace the AC filter for the start of the season (and then about once per month during cooling season). Request a quick visit from your local HVAC company for AC filter replacement if you aren’t sure how or where the filter is located.

Check Insulation and Weatherstripping

Take a glance in the attic and anywhere else you can see insulation; address any issues like wet spots, low spots, or pest damage. Check window weatherstrips and door seals and replace or upgrade if you feel drafts.

Open All Air Vents

Your AC runs better with all the vents open. See the next tip or ask your HVAC technician for advice if you’re struggling with hot and cold rooms.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

Programmable thermostats are a small one-time investment that can improve your comfort and lower energy bills all year. You can also add multiple thermostats for zone control.

Test the AC

If you haven’t already, turn on the air conditioner and make sure that it can cool effectively. Better to discover that it struggles now, rather than a day when the temp hits 100.

Annual AC Tune-Ups

Only a professional should handle tasks like cleaning the inside of an air conditioner. A routine AC tune-up every spring or summer takes care of the debris removal and rust prevention. It’s also a chance to test your airflow and cooling performance.

An experienced cooling technician can make fine-tuning adjustments that pay off with lower energy bills and another year of hassle-free air conditioning.

If you do only one thing to prepare your air conditioner for summer, make it a call to your local HVAC company in Johnson County. Contact us to start a maintenance plan or to schedule a $79 precision AC tune-up.

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