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Why Should I Have My HVAC System Inspected?


HVAC InspectionsGetting an HVAC inspection is important if you expect the system to serve you well. There are some key factors that come into play. Mainly this is for prevention of failure or breakdown, fuel and money savings and most important is safety. The risks involved with waiting can cause the three points mentioned to become an issue.

Prevention of Breakdown

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the cozy comforts of winter without worry? Imagine what it would be like in the coldest of winters when the furnace breaks down. It is not only uncomfortable, but inconvenient. Risks of pipes bursting and water line damage are just a couple of likely problems to come from a dead furnace. The cost involved can be astronomical, when maintenance has not been provided. The cost of inspection would be like pocket change compared to the cost of urgent repairs.

Save Money on Fuel Costs

When an HVAC inspection takes place there is a lengthy checklist which is followed. One of the important tasks is called a tune up. This tune up will assess any needs for repairs. It also will let the consumer know if an upgrade is needed. If necessary, a replacement system may be recommended. Older units which are in excess of ten years may need to be replaced. Newer, more efficient systems can save fuel costs. Another advantage of a tune up is that it makes fuel usage more wallet friendly.

Keeping Homes Safe

This is one of the main reasons to have an HVAC inspection. The majority of house fires are due to faulty heating systems. These number in the thousands. There is also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This poisonous gas cannot be detected by scent, taste or color. It comes from gas or oil heat units. Poor ventilation or broken heating systems are the main cause of dangerous and potentially deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Chimney vents need to be inspected for cracks or breaks. It is a better plan to have a carbon monoxide detection device nearby the ventilation system.

HVAC inspections are best planned before the heavy winter months. September is typically when this occurs. This is because of the demand for repair services by those who have not had inspections.

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