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Money Saving Preventive Maintenance!

How Does Preventive Maintenance Ultimately Save Me Money?


Overland Park PlumberAny HVAC systems reflect a significant investment in any building or building system.

As these costs can vary and along different price ranges a system owner would be smart to take several steps to protect his investment in a HVAC system by taking various preventive maintenance steps.

These preventive steps may be time consuming and seem menial tasks but over time an HVAC owner will reap the benefits of such preventive actions by realizing a more reliable HVAC system.

Preventive steps, such as those describe below will also allow any required maintenance costs to be minimized.

1. Filters: At the outset always purchase a quality air filter if you are not in the habit of doing so. There are new and more higher efficient pleated air filters which are designed with an electrostatic charge system that operates akin to a magnet. The filter can draw the smallest particles including bacteria.

2. Filter Replacement: Air filters should be replaced at minimum every ninety days and more frequently if the HVAC system is in an area which is requiring heavy use. A monthly check will also help to prevent optimum use. If the system is clogged, simply replace it at that time. If the facility or residence has a number of pets, the check should be more frequent than monthly.

3. Area Clearance: Check at much as you can to ensure that there is two feet distance of clearance from any outside HVAC systems.

4. Debris Clean Up: During the spring, summer and fall seasons regularly remove and clean up debris such as twigs, leaves, pollen and other debris from the sides of the outdoor HVAC units. Lawn clippings should be directed away from any HVAC filter system.

5. Insulation: HVAC insulation lines should be checked on a regular basis and monitored for damage.

6. Level Ground: HVAC systems operate better when the units are installed on level ground. this provides for more even air flow.

Preventive Maintenance 7. Clear and Clean HVAC Systems: At least once a year a cup of normal household bleach which is mixed with water should be poured down the HVAC’s air conditioning condensation drain. This will help to prevent the buildup of any mold or algae, which could also cause blockage.

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