Want to Lower Your Power Bills?

Overland Park HVACAir conditioning is often a necessity for surviving the summer, but that doesn’t make it any less expensive to use when the mercury starts rising. For those homeowners who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg when summer comes it’s a good idea to repair your air handler.

What is an Air Handler?

It’s just like an air conditioner, but better. An air handler actually circulates the air in a home, and it monitors the temperature to ensure an even level of cooling or heat. After all, there’s no reason to blast cold air into the basement (which should be significantly cooler than the rest of the house anyway) during the summer, just as there’s no reason to pump hot air into the guest room that no one’s using during the winter. An air handler helps keep the air from getting stale, mixes it all around, and only uses the minimum amount of energy necessary to reach the required temperature.

Other Features of Air Handlers

In addition to being able to both heat and cool air, and stop it from getting stale, air handlers have the ability to filter the air that comes into a home. This can be something of a godsend for those with sensitive allergies who need to get as much pollen, dander, smoke, and dust out of the air as possible, but it also helps keep an interior area smelling fresh and clean with less work. Add to that the savings on energy bills, and air handlers are a clear win over a traditional air conditioning system.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t downsides to air handlers, however. For one thing these units are quite substantial, often measuring the size of a refrigerator unit for a household model. These units can also be quite expensive when initially purchased and installed, which may make some homeowners less likely to invest in them. The benefits they offer for long-term use are undeniable though, and it’s one reason that so many people get over the sticker shock in short order.

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