The History and Revolution of Home Heating Systems

From the time when prehistoric men built fires in their caves to today’s modern furnaces, home heating systems have undergone extraordinary transformations throughout history.

Overland Park, KS History-of-the-AC-and-Heating-SystemWhile humans have found ways to stay warm from the beginning of time, the surprising fact is modern heating systems have been around for less than 200 years.

Nevertheless, as technology continues to become a bigger and bigger part of home heating, it’s interesting to look back at how far we’ve come over the years.

Fire Pits and Hypocausts

When cavemen discovered the joys of fire, their world changed forever. Now able to keep warm in their caves, they also learned how to make fire pits.

In fact, the oldest known fire pit in a cave is estimated to be 1.2 million years old. As the centuries progressed, the ancient Romans took home heating to new heights with the creation of hypocausts.

Considered a very sophisticated heating system for its time, this under-floor radiant heating system was kept in the home’s basement and was very effective in warming the home’s floors and walls.

Chimneys and Stoves

Eventually, homes began to discover the advantages of chimneys and stoves. Gaining in popularity from the 14th-17th centuries, chimneys led to the hearth shifting from the middle of the room to recessed walls, while stoves started to be used for heating in addition to cooking. While chimneys in homes led to greatly improved living conditions, many homes were slow in adopting them.

However, stoves became more and more popular as families discovered the multiple benefits they offered. But while they kept many homes warm, the coal used to heat them eventually led to many cities having extremely poor air quality.

Radiators and Furnaces

Radiators, first invented in Russia around 1855, quickly became popular in many homes due to their design. Very effective in heating homes, they were also seen as home décor at that time.

Still relied upon today, they have proven to be an element of home heating that’s stood the test of time. However, furnaces are credited with truly revolutionizing home heating systems.

Now available as oil, gas, and electric models, furnaces are very affordable to buy, install, and maintain. While oil and electric furnaces have been popular, gas furnaces have increased in popularity due to their ease of use and low prices. Currently in the United States, natural gas furnaces are the most popular ones in homes.

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