Signs of Needed AC Repair


AC MaintenanceIt is fairly obvious when an air conditioning system no longer works, but how about before the moment of critical failure? There are signs that become apparent before the air condition quits working and that is the time to get repair. Waiting could be nerve wracking and expensive. So what are the signs that you need an AC repair?

A. Water appearing on or near the unit. Condensation occurs where there is a temperature differential between a surface and the surrounding air. Most central heating and air units are built to compensate for this by the use of a drain line that carries excess moisture away. If moisture can not escape properly it can create significant damage to the unit. If a person sees or detects excessive moisture around the unit, that is a good time to have to unit serviced. It could be something simple like a clogged drain or indicative of a larger problem.

B. No longer blowing air as cool as before. Often one of the first indications of an impending problem is the unit no longer blows air as cool as it did. Could be a low coolant level or a problem with the electronics or a impending problem in the compressor. Could even be a fan issue. Regardless, it is time to get the unit serviced.

C. Making unusual noises. All air conditioners make noise, but occasionally units that need repair will make odd or strange sounds. Not all of which will be loud. If a unit is making a noise different than normal, even if everything else seems fine it is time to get the unit repaired. Could be a fan that is out of alignment or worse. Either way, time to get it fixed.

Air conditioning units are complicated machines than need occasional attention and service. Preventative maintenance is the best way to prevent long term problems. Even still, things can and will occasionally go wrong. At the earliest point that a concern is noted is when it is time to call the repair technicians. The earlier a problem is known the faster the repair.

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