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Is Freezing In Your Sleep On Your Winter List? Didn’t Think So!

What To Do When Dealing With a Heating Emergency


A heating emergency is your biggest fear, especially when it is freezing outside. When old man winter comes knocking at the door, at least we have the warmth of our HVAC system to keep us warm. When there is a mechanical problem with the furnace, time can be of the essence. Depending on where you live and how harsh the winters are, it can be a life or death matter. So what are you to do when the furnace is on the blink and you are without heat? The first thing a person should do is call out professional services immediately.

Did you know that an HVAC contractor usually has someone on call 24/7? That means that if the furnace cuts out at 2 am, someone can come to the rescue. Don’t wait till the morning to call, this could allow the temperatures inside the home to dip to dangerous levels. The common temperature setting in a home is 73 in the summer and around 70-75 in the winter. It all depends on your personal comfort levels. So, rather than wait till it is 58 inside the home, get help out there.

Overland Park HVACSo what are the reasons why the furnace system might not be working? First, there are many simple things that can be fixed with a simple trip by a professional. They can be easy problems like a thermostat that isn’t working right. Other common issues include a minor electrical issue. Inside the furnace are all sorts of parts. From contractors to blower motors, all must be in proper working order for the unit to function. Most issues can be taken care of in a matter of minutes, with the proper tools, parts and training. However, sometimes parts must be ordered.

Think you can fix a furnace system issue, think again? The furnace isn’t something for the novice to mess with. It is full of electrical components; some have gas lines and all kinds of dangers. It can be a disaster to touch a system if you know nothing about it. A professional will come out and evaluate the system. They have testers and different methods that will let them know right away what the problem is. Also, having years of knowledge also helps when it comes to diagnostics.

When the furnace is not working properly, don’t wait to call. If you hear or see something that is not normal, don’t wait until it is a full mechanical failure to get help.

Is your heater troubling you? Call Priced Right Heating today at (913) 713-5911 for quick and effective heating services in the Overland Park area.

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