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Importance Of Changing Your Air Filter in a Timely Manner

Are you changing your filter on time?


Overland Park Air Filter

Home owners are constantly finding themselves faced with maintenance tasks. Some tasks, while easier than others, seem to be harder to remember. Changing a home’s air filter, is such a task that is easy to do, but is often forgotten. An air filter may not seem to be a big deal, but a dirty air filter can cause many problems.

An air filters main job is to clean or “filter” the air of impurities. A dirty filter can be a breeding place for germs and bacteria if not changed on a regular basis. Air filters that are not changed when they should be can continually contaminate the air inside a home. This poses a great risk to those living in the home.

Other than a family’s personal safety, a dirty air filter presents an economic burden, as well. The unclean filter causes the homes central unit to work much harder than it should. This strain on the unit will in time cause the unit to wear out faster. Replacing a central air unit is a major expense that no home owner looks forward to doing.

The expense most people are aware of when they are considering changing the air filter is the power bill. The dirtier an air filter, the harder the unit has to work, equals a higher electric bill. A good time to change the air filter is each month when the power bill is paid. If this good habit is started, it is much easier to keep track of when the filter was last changed. This will give the homeowner peace of mind for several reasons; safety of family first, lower power bills, and knowing that they are doing their part in taking care of the home in a responsible way. Sometimes the smallest of things can make the biggest differences.

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