Is your AC unit running up to speed?


Warm weather should serve as a reminder that you should address how well your AC unit is functioning. It’s important to keep cooling systems working at their optimal level, especially in the summer, and that can be achieved by contacting a professional to perform maintenance on the AC unit. By properly maintaining equipment, you can avoid many problems and costs in the future.

A typical maintenance check-up on an air conditioning unit will include several steps that will keep the unit running properly. A test of the systems controls will ensure that the unit is able to operate without an excessive amount of noise or without delay. Lubrication of certain parts of the unit will prevent motor friction that can cause damage to the system. Additionally, the air conditioner’s level of refrigerant should be checked to see if it is too low or too high, because this can affect how well the system will run. An inspection of the condensate drain, airflow, filters, and condenser should also be performed.

It’s also important to keep make sure that air conditioning is not running too hard, as it can put a lot of wear on the unit. Programmable thermostats, curtains, shades, or appropriately placed vegetation surrounding a house will all help to keep air conditioning units from having to work too hard to cool the home.

There are many steps that can be taken to keep cooling systems running their best, but having a certified contractor doing an annual summer check up will ensure that even the things the can’t be seen are running smoothly. It’s important to make sure that this routine maintenance is done before the summer heats up for several reasons. Air conditioning units that are not working at their best should not be running during the summer. Additionally, contractors become more busy during the summer, so it is often much easier to schedule maintenance before summer starts.

Routine annual maintenance will keep AC units running smoothly. Properly maintained cooling equipment will keep costs and future problems at a minimum. If you need to perform maintenance on your AC unit in the Overland area call (913) 713-5911 and one of our experts will gladly help you.

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