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HVAC Guide for a Healthy New Year

healthy-lifeHVAC Guide for a Healthy New Year

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? If you included making healthier choices on your list this year, don’t forget that the air inside your home will either support your health or harm it. There are a number of steps that you can take as a homeowner to improve that air quality.
It all starts with your HVAC system. Here is a handy guide to get you started.

What You Need to Know About Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

In the winter especially, the air inside your home can be very dry. If you have allergies or asthma, this dry air can cause a number of additional problems for you. One solution is to install a whole home humidifier to work alongside your HVAC unit. It puts the moisture back into the air as it heats.

Dehumidifiers are also helpful in removing excess moisture from the air. A common complaint in basements is a dank, musty smell. Plugging in one (or more, depending on the size of your basement) will work wonders in helping to eliminate that smell.

Get Your Ducts Cleaneddirty-air-duct

If a contaminant filters through the air in your home, there is a good chance that it is residing in your ducts. Common contaminants that build up in your ducts include animal dander, residue from tobacco smoke, bacteria, common allergens and mold.

When your system is running, air containing these contaminants is pulled through your ducts.
Getting your ducts cleaned will remove these contaminants. It will improve your air quality, improve the energy efficiency of your system and extend the lifespan of your system too.

Having a reputable company clean your ducts is important. You need a professional who knows what they are doing and who is accountable for their work. Unfortunately, there are a number of scam artists out there offering duct cleaning who are not qualified to do the job properly.

Have Your HVAC Unit Cleaned and Inspected

Ideally, you should have your HVAC unit inspected twice a year, but as an absolute baseline, aim for at least annual maintenance. Having an inspection done is your best way to make sure that air is flowing freely and efficiently throughout your home.

They will check things like the air filter, the compressor, the thermostat and clean out the grills and other parts from residue.

It’s also a good idea to get your unit and your duct work inspected for mold growth, because mold poses a dangerous threat to your family’s health; it is not uncommon to find it in your system. Some signs that you may have mold is a musty smell around your HVAC unit, or mold growth appearing in a number of rooms where there are vents.

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