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How to Save Money With a Programmable Thermostat

Learn How a Programmable Thermostat Can Help You Save Money


Programmable ThermostatOne of the biggest energy drains of your household is the heating and cooling systems kicking on. While having a desirable temperature inside of the house is nice, there are times you really do not need it to run as long or as hard as it does. Due to this, it is a good idea to follow through with these different methods for reducing your energy cost, all of which you can do with a programmable thermostat.

Turn it Down

For starters, simply turning the heat down in the winter a few degrees and a few degrees up in the summer is enough to save you hundreds of dollars though out the course of the year. Chances are you are not going to feel much of a difference between 72 and 74 surfing the summer, but there is a big difference in your energy consumption. Use your thermostat to make the switch and your wallet is going to thank you.

When You Are Gone

When you are gone, you do not need your HVAC unit to run non-stop. While at work, there is a good eight hours a day where you are not at home. Due to this, it is probably best for you to bring in the programmable thermostat. Instead of having the heat set at 72 all day, have it drop down to 62 while you are gone. You can have the programming ready so that the heat cuts off once you leave for the office and you can have it turn back up 30 minutes or so before you arrive home, so while you are never able to see the difference in temp, your energy consumption is going to drop drastically.

Monitor Your HVAC

There is no better way of checking in on the overall performance of the HVAC than using the programmable thermostat. It can tell you when you need to change a filter or if something else is working in an undesirable manner. All of this is essential and you need to stay on top of it. When the programmable thermostat tells you to change out the filter, it is a good idea to change out the filter. Using a dirty filter is going to run the HVAC equipment harder as it runs overtime to treat the air, which in turn significantly increase the amount of energy you use throughout the entire years time.

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