Tips On Keeping You Home Warm During the Winter


Overland Park HeatingAs we head into winter it is a good to take the necessary steps to ensure your home stays warm and cozy. The winter months can sometime be unpredictable. Cold weather presents a number of challenges. A cold home can become dangerous if the temperature takes a severe nosedive. 

The Heating System: The heating system in the home is the most crucial element in keeping the home warm. What you don’t want to experience is finding out the heating system is not up to the job when you need it most. At a minimal level, it is a good idea to turn the system on and make sure it is working before the cold weather sets in. A smarter approach is to have the heating system inspected in the fall. A home inspection ensures you that the heating system functioning efficiently. This will keep you warm in the winter and be more cost efficient as well

Winterizing the Home: The second essential step is to winterize the home. Walk around the interior and exterior of the house. Make sure the windows and storm windows are shut and in good condition. Cracked storm windows and cracked windows can be a source of heat loss. Cold air enters through every gap, crevice, or opening. At the same time, the warm air inside the home will exit the house as well. Taking the time to locate all the gaps around the home is well worth the effort and not all that time consuming. 

Put weather stripping around the doors. This is a simple thing to do but it will make a huge difference. It is also important to caulk around all the windows. Caulk does not last forever. It eventually deteriorates overtime. As caulk ages, it cracks and dries out. Old caulk is much less effective in sealing the gaps around windows. Homeowners often do not realize that the space between the baseboard and the wall can let cold air inside the home. Sealing the baseboards with a thin bead of caulk will make a big difference. Use an interior latex caulk. The caulk can be painted after it hardens. Wrapping the water heater and and insulating the pipes is also a good idea. This ensures that all the heat goes into the home.

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