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Heating Your Home in Fall and Winter: Ways to Save

Heating Your Home in Fall and Winter: Ways to Save

Heating your home in the winter can get pricey. With rising energy costs, the long, cold winter can start to seem unbearable for both your body and your wallet.

This winter, try these professional tips to save on your heating bill and improve the efficiency of your furnace or heater:

Window Film is Your Friend

Many people are familiar with putting window film on their cars, but did you know it’s also effective in the home as well? As a clear plastic that fits over the windows, window film helps trap heat from the sun inside your home, keeping things warmer for longer. This is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to save money on your energy bill.

Raise the Thresholds

Thresholds or weather stripping is usually used on exterior doors to create a seal. During the summer, your thresholds may be lowered to let in a small cross breeze, however, in the winter, it’s important to raise the threshold or install additional weather stripping to seal any cracks that are exposed to the outdoors. Even the tiniest crack can let in enough cold air to create a noticeable change in your home heating.

ceilingfanMake the Most of Your Ceiling Fan

Sure, we use our ceiling fans in the summer to cool down, but these helpful components also work to help keep warm air circulating in your home as well!

In the winter, turn your ceiling fan to the reverse or clockwise setting; this will push warm air down to your living space and cause the colder air to rise to the ceiling, making your home feel warmer.

Invest in Furnace Maintenance

We recommend investing in furnace maintenance at least once per year. Getting it done in the fall will ensure that your furnace is up for the winter ahead. Making sure your furnace is operating efficiently and reliably will prevent unexpected breakdowns and save money on your heating bills.

Close the Flue when You’re Not Using it

There is no need for the chimney flue to be open at all times. In the winter, closing the flue will prevent warm air from escaping your home. Additionally, many homeowners also opt for a chimney balloon, which is another effective way to block the chimney from outdoor exposure.

curtainKeep Curtains Open During the Day

This tip is even more helpful if you have window film installed. By opening the curtains, your home will get heat from the sun that will get trapped in your home, raising the temperature.

This makes it easier on your furnace or heater and will keep your home warmer throughout the day and even for a little while after the sun has set.

For more helpful tips and tricks to save money and improve the efficiency of your heating systems, call Priced Right Heating and Cooling in St Lenexa, KS. Speak to one of our experts at (913) 713-5911 today.

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