Overland Park Heater Repairs & Maintenance Services

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With the cold weather season right around the corner, it’s important to make sure your furnace or heater is up for the task. It’s also important that it runs as efficiently as possible. A simple call to Priced Right Heating and Cooling is all it takes and our service technician will take care of all your HVAC needs whether it’s repairs, replacement, or a complete tune-up. Trust us to take care of your Overland Park heater repair and maintenance services. Our techs are licensed, insured, and experienced to work on units of all makes and models. Schedule your consultation with Priced Right Heating & Cooling today!

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Does your heater need repairs?

Although heaters typically last from 15 to 20 years, there comes a time when they no longer function as they did when they were new. It’s often difficult to determine what an age-related problem is and what actually requires repairs. Here are some signs that your heater may need repairs.

  • Heater operating louder than normal or making unusually loud sounds.

  • Home temperatures cool regardless of the thermostat setting.

  • Unusually high energy bills.

  • Heater has yellow pilot light.

  • Heater turn on and off intermittently.

  • Air quality in the home causing breathing difficulties or allergies.

What type of maintenance is done on units?

Our maintenance checks include all of the following services.

  • Filter cleaning or replacement.

  • Gas pressure and flue draft check.

  • Heating cycle monitoring.

  • Burner and pilot cleaning and adjustment.

  • Heat exchanger inspection and cleaning.

  • Blower components inspection.

  • Carbon monoxide check.

  • Temperature rise check.

  • All electrical connections checked.

Our very affordable maintenance checks can not only decrease your energy costs and improve the performance of your heater, but it can also add years to the life of your heater. We guarantee that our tune-up will improve the performance of your heater so much that if it quits within the next year, we’ll waive the tune-up fee!

How can a damaged unit affect your home?

Putting off maintenance checks or repairs can lead to bigger and more costly expenses – not to mention the discomfort you feel when the heater quits working all together. A damaged heater can affect your home in many ways and none of them are good.

  • Damaged heater can cause uncomfortable temperatures in your home.Poor quality of air can cause breathing difficulties and frequent allergy-related illnesses.

  • Damaged ductwork can also affect your AC unit.If heater quits working in cold temperatures, water pipes can freeze.

  • Damaged heater can cause loss of energy and increased energy bills.

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