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Heat Pump Installation and Replacement in Overland Park and Olathe, KS

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Heat Pump

The average life expectancy of a heat pump in Kansas is 15 years. Several factors affect the life expectancy, including how well your system was installed, the level of maintenance involved, and the size of your system (over- and undersized systems are more likely to suffer from recurring problems and early failure). Here are some of the more common signs your heat pump is due for replacement:

Uncomfortable Indoor Environment

If you are having trouble maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, or if you are experiencing persistent indoor air quality issues, your heat pump is likely reaching the end of its service life and will need to be replaced soon.

Short Cycling

This problem is often caused by poor sizing that’s incompatible with your heating and cooling needs. If your heat pump is constantly turning on and off, it’s best to have a professional inspection carried out. Our experts will be able to recommend the best solution and let you know if replacement is a practical option.

Constant Repairs Needed

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