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Get Your Home Insulated Before the Cold Winter Starts

3 Home Insulation Tips

Properly insulating your Overland Park home is not only going to keep your family comfortable no matter the weather outside, but it will also cut down on your energy bills throughout the year.

Overland Park, KS Insulation-Services If you have recently begun to notice that your home no longer stays at a consistent temperature, then take a look at these three simple tips to improve its efficiency.

1. Check Your Region’s R-Value

Many people do not realize that you cannot simply pick up the first insulation that you come across at the store.

Even though many stores only stock insulation designed for the local region, it is important to do some research and make sure that you have the correct R-value. The R-value simply describes the effectiveness and thermal rating of the insulation.

These values range from 0 to 40, and insulation with a higher value is designed for a colder climate. Your region’s particular R-value can be found at the Department of Energy’s website.

2. Seal and Insulate Your Windows

Depending on the age of your windows and their design, you might be losing upwards of 25 percent of your Overland Park home’s heat through these openings.

Luckily, a few simple steps can be taken to insulate a window and cut back on this waste. First, windows with a single glazing should be upgraded to double-paned glass.

During the winter, it is a good idea to switch out blinds and thin curtains for heavy drapes that will better insulate the room. Families that really want to insulate their windows should consider using clear thermal films which will further reduce any heat transfer.

Homeowners should also take some time to inspect their windows once a year to find any cracks or leaks that must be sealed.

3. Seal Vents and Plug Duct Leaks

Air that is traveling through your ducts can increase or decrease in temperature by as much as 20 percent if they are poorly insulated or have cracks.

One simple way to prevent this is to schedule annual HVAC maintenance calls so that an experienced technician can inspect your vents and ducts for any damage or insulation issues that could be affecting your energy bills.

Sealing leaks and shutting off vents that are not being used will keep your house at a consistent and comfortable temperature any time that you turn the HVAC system on.

Looking for tips on how to insulate your Overland Park, KS home better? We got you covered, call Priced Right Heating & Cooling at (913) 713-5911 today!

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