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Prepare For The Fall With A Humidifier

While the temperature inside your Overland Park home can certainly make you feel uncomfortable if it is not adequately maintained, the humidity level can also have the same impact. Humidity can make you feel sticky and uncomfortable, and it also can make the air feel warmer than it actually is.

Overland Park, KS Humidifier-ServicesMany people have invested in a home humidifier for improved comfort and well-being, but you may wonder if this type of equipment is needed during the fall months.

After all, the outdoor air may naturally be less humid on some days and cooler than the summer air.

Rainy Fall Days

The summer months may be known for having high humidity levels, but they also are relatively dry. In the fall, there may be many days that have crisp, cool air, but there are also typically more rainy days than in the summer.

Many older Overland Park homes are not well-sealed, and this means that the moist air from outdoors can seep into the home.

Even homes that are well-sealed may be impacted by humidity. This is because simply opening doors as you and your family members pass in and out of the home can allow the moist air to enter the home.

Warmth From the Heater

The humidity that enters the home can further be impacted by hot air from the heater and this humidity mixed with the warm air from the heater can make the home rather unpleasant to be in.

This is be the warm air can retain more moisture than cooler air. The air conditioner that you use in the summer season may be effective at keeping humidity levels inside the home lower, but the heater may not be as effective at doing this job for you.

What a Humidifier Does

A humidifier is responsible for removing humidity from the air. Some are designed for use in a specific room, and others can provide great results for the entire home. This can help you to enjoy a greater level of comfort throughout the year.

High humidity levels inside the home can be problematic. In addition to making your home unpleasant to be in, high humidity can also promote mold growth.

If you are concerned about your home’s indoor climate or if you are interested in decreasing the likelihood of mold developing in your space, investing in a humidifier is a smart idea.

Keep in mind that a technician from an HVAC company can help you to select the right humidifier for your space and can install it for you.

See what the benefits are of a humidifier in your Overland Park, KS home. Just call Priced Right Heating & Cooling at (913) 713-5911 today!

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