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Get Your Home Ready for the 4th of July!

Get Your Home Ready for the 4th of July!

Prepare Your Home for Summer with these Simply Tasks

While summer is the season for people to sit back and take it easy, it is also the time to catch up on numerous home improvement projects.

As you prepare to celebrate your independence on July 4th, it’s good to remember there are plenty of home improvement projects that can be easily completed prior to the holiday.

To give you an idea of some easy home improvement tasks to complete before the Fourth of July, take a glance at the list we have compiled below.

clean-deckCleaning the Deck

While this holiday is one where people kick back and take it easy, it’s also a great time to clean your deck and make it look like new.

If it’s been at least one year and the deck has been a high-traffic location at your home, it may be time to get out the pressure washer and knock off stubborn dirt and grime.

Once this is done, a new coat of stain or sealer may also be needed. But as usual, there are plenty of other projects that can be done as well.

Checking Outside Faucets

While you are outside pruning trees, mowing grass, and power washing your deck, it’s also a great time to check your outside faucets for any leaks or damage. Because of the winter months that may have taken their toll on the outside of your home, the faucets may have developed leaks due to water freezing and then thawing out when temperatures warm up.

If you left your garden hose connected to your outside faucets over the winter months, chances are the faucet may have pulled away from the wall due to the water freezing and thawing. If this happened, there is a possibility the pipes may have sustained damage as well.

To make sure all is well, it’s a good idea to have a plumber check out the faucets and pipes for any damage. Otherwise, you may turn on your faucets and discover the pipes inside the walls may be leaking, which can cause considerable water damage if not repaired. To keep this from happening, it’s always best to disconnect any hoses prior to winter weather.

Cleaning the Gutters

If you’re like most people, one of your least favorite things to do is clean out the gutters. Not only can it be a messy job, but it can also be hazardous while you’re climbing the ladder and getting up on your roof.

However, failing to do so can lead to plenty of inconveniences as well as potentially damage to your home’s foundation and roof. If water runs over the front of the guttering and accumulates near the foundation, it’s possible you could wind up with water in your basement or a foundation that may develop cracks in it over time.
To make sure this is not happening to your home, take a close look at your home’s foundation and look for any cracks or other damage. Also, while you are cleaning the gutters, make sure you check to see if any gutters have become damaged over the winter.

Look for any spots where guttering has pulled away from the house, become bent or dented, or is completely loose from the home. If you find any of these situations, fix them yourself if you’re skilled enough to do so, or better yet, hire a professional to do the job for you.

Lawn Care

lawn-careAlong with cleaning the deck with a pressure washer and clearing off any debris that may have accumulated during the winter, it’s also a great time to tackle various lawn care projects around your home. Along with your weekly mowing, taking the time to pull the weeds out of any existing flowerbeds and creating some new spots is also of the utmost importance in terms of keeping your yard looking its best.

Clearing out any debris that may have fallen from nearby trees, such as dead limbs or leaves, can also be easily done during a warm and sunny weekend prior to the holiday weekend. And of course, trimming bushes and trees can also be done during this time of year.

Since regular pruning is needed for most trees and bushes to thrive, now is the perfect time to do so, in order to have them grow as much as possible, in spite of any weeds or dead limbs that may have been left over from winter.

Cleaning the Grill

When it comes to the summer holiday of Independence Day, there’s nothing better than firing up the grill and having a great barbecue with family and friends. However, before doing so, it’s always a good idea to take a close look at the grill to see if it needs any TLC prior to use. To get rid of any leftover grime, pull out some grill cleaner and spray some on the grill.

After waiting a few minutes, take a grill brush and scrape away the dirt and grime, then finish it up by washing the grilling area prior to fixing the season’s first combination of hot dogs and hamburgers. It’s also a good idea to make sure all parts of the grill are working properly. If you have a gas grill, it’s extremely important to make sure your propane tank is working properly.

If you’ve got any questions, get it checked out by a professional before starting the grilling season. If you’ve got any questions about anything or if your grill is starting to show some age, it might be time to purchase a new grill before planning your first party with family and friends.

If you need expert HVAC while preparing your home for the 4th of July in the Lenexa, KS area , please feel free to contact Priced Right Heating and Cooling at (913)-713-5911 today to schedule a service appointment.

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