Emergency HVAC Service in Shawnee, KS

Not in the mood to wait days for a repairman to come fix your heater or air conditioner? We don’t blame you. Priced Right Heating & Cooling provides emergency HVAC service in Shawnee, KS to make your family comfortable as quickly as possible.

We’re open from 7am to 10pm every day of the week, and we’ll be happy to send a highly trained HVAC technician to your Shawnee home to make a repair or replacement at a moment’s notice.

Call 913-713-5911 or contact us online to speak with our friendly staff and request emergency HVAC repairs in Shawnee, KS. We charge up to 50% less than our competitors for repairs, and thousands less on system replacements!

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Emergency Cooling Repair in Shawnee

Has your air conditioner frozen up with ice? Is the AC running forever and still not bringing the temperature even close to the thermostat setting? Ask us for an emergency appointment for AC repair in Shawnee so you can breathe easy again.

We can replace your air conditioner for a great price, but first, your Shawnee HVAC technician will investigate to find a simpler, cheaper solution. You might just need a refrigerant recharge or a coil cleaning.

Contact us for emergency AC repair in Shawnee!

Emergency Furnace Repair in Shawnee

Never hesitate to call us for immediate furnace service in Shawnee. Not only do you need warmth to stay safe in the winter, but a broken furnace could have a dangerous gas leak.

Priced Right Heating & Cooling can fix both gas and electric furnaces. Our Shawnee heating repair specialists will check the burners, blower motor, electrical connections, and more to get your furnace blowing warm air safely and reliably.

Emergency Heat Pump Repair in Shawnee

Consider us the experts in heat pump repair in Johnson County. Whether you rely on your heat pump for cooling, heating, or both, you need it to work. Call us for emergency heat pump repair in Shawnee if your heat pump is frozen, does not blow air, or doesn’t work in heating or cooling mode.

Running your heat pump in emergency mode? That uses a lot of energy. Instead of racking up a high bill this month, contact us for an emergency heating repair!

Priority Service for Emergency HVAC in Shawnee

Members of our Preferred Customer Club enjoy priority appointments for emergency HVAC service in Shawnee (as well as discounts on repairs and other benefits).

Not a member? Priced Right Heating & Cooling will still make a prompt service call. Ask about our HVAC maintenance plans for future peace of mind!

Emergency HVAC Service in Shawnee, KS

Looking for a trustworthy HVAC company in Shawnee? Received a high estimate from a competitor? Ask us to take a look, because we make emergency heating and AC repairs in Shawnee at budget-friendly prices.

Call us at 913-713-5911 to book the soonest available appointment for emergency HVAC repairs or an affordable system replacement in Shawnee, KS.