Emergency HVAC Services in Lenexa, KS

Lenexa gets extreme summer heat and frigid winter cold, and your HVAC equipment takes the brunt of it all year long. Are you and your family suffering due to a broken furnace or air conditioner? Bring in your friendly, local experts at Priced Right Heating & Cooling for emergency HVAC service in Lenexa, KS.

Call us at 913-713-5911 to request heating or air conditioning repairs in Lenexa immediately. We work long hours—from 7am to 10pm daily.

Read our reviews to hear why customers swear by us, and check out our coupons for any available discounts.

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When to Call for Emergency HVAC Service in Lenexa

If your air conditioner starts blowing hot air on a summer day, or the heat pump isn’t working at all, you know you need to call your local HVAC service. However, even if you’re willing to tough it out, you should still call Priced Right Heating & Cooling for emergency repairs in Lenexa when your HVAC equipment has broken down.

A struggling air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump wastes energy without making your home comfortable. When one part is broken, other parts compensate and break down, too. In other words, you’re paying higher bills and risking more expensive repairs if you’re procrastinating on calling us for emergency HVAC repairs!

Emergency AC Repair in Lenexa

Air conditioners often run longer or stop and start repeatedly when something is wrong. You might feel warm, humid air coming out of the vents. Our Lenexa cooling repairs will troubleshoot the problem for your air conditioner or heat pump problem.

You could have a refrigerant leak, broken fan, dirty coil, or condensate drain clog—don’t just turn down the thermostat, contact us for emergency AC repair in Lenexa!

Emergency Heating Repair in Lenexa

You can’t just bundle up and drink cocoa all winter. We make heating repairs in Lenexa easy with experts who can service any make and model of furnace or heat pump. Whether it’s a simple solution like cleaning the burners or a serious issue such as replacing the motor, Priced Right Heating & Cooling will get you toasty without burning a hole in your wallet.

Contact us to request emergency heating repairs in Lenexa, KS today!

Honest & Affordable Emergency HVAC in Lenexa

We’re a locally based HVAC team near Lenexa that’s committed to providing the best service in town. We make repairs and system replacements for a fraction of the cost of the other guys, even when you’re in a bind and need emergency service!

We take care of our neighbors in Lenexa by providing an honest assessment and making all repairs and replacements for a low cost. We believe that needing emergency HVAC repairs should not force folks in Lenexa to empty their bank accounts!

Get the emergency HVAC repairs you need as soon as possible from Pried Right Heating & Cooling in Lenexa, KS. Call us at 913-713-5911 to request heating or air conditioning repairs seven days a week.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Responsive and Professional

Serviceman came out quickly in response to two weekend calls. After I made the decision to replace my AC and furnace, they were able to schedule it in a weeks time and were on time to start the project. Very competitive prices and great service!

–Denver L.

Excellent Customer Service!

As a repeat customer, Priced Right Heating & Cooling continues to exceed my expectations. They provide honest feedback and very good prices. I trust their evaluations and pricing is the BEST out there.

–Janelle L.

Excellent Service

I was very impressed with the service I received by Priced Right Heating & Cooling. They arrived quickly when my AC stopped working. They assisted with finding the unit right for our house and installed it quickly. They were very neat and helpful. I highly recommend them!

–Deanna P.