Don’t Let These 7 HVAC Mistakes Bother You This Fall

It may seem harmless enough, but simple things like which vents are open in your home and the age of your air filter actually have a significant impact on how well your HVAC unit operates. In order to keep in running most efficiently, there are a few tasks to undertake this fall.

Don’t make the mistake of putting them off. The result could be your system breaking down in the cold of winter and higher than necessary heating bills.

1 – Make sure your Vents are Closed

You can help the hot air in your home get where it needs to be more efficiently. You simply close the vents to rooms that you use less often. That means more hot air going where you need it most. Also, make sure that you don’t have furniture or rugs over top of vents.

2 – Is your Thermostat Setting Incorrect?

Don’t fall into the common homeowner trap this season by leaving your thermostat at the same setting year-round. You should adjust it according to what the weather is doing outside. If you drop your thermostat just by a couple of degrees, you’ll see a difference on your heating bills.

3 – Avoid Clutter around the Condenser

If the area around your condenser is cluttered with stuff or plant matter, your unit won’t be able to work as well as it should. Clear the area to permit proper air flow.

4 – Check for Leaky Ducts

Don’t let leaks in your ducts make your HVAC unit work twice as hard to get the same amount of heat. This fall, before it gets cold, have your ducts cleaned and inspected for leaks. Get them sealed and help the hot air go right from point A to point B.

5 – Be sure to Change your Air Filters Every Month

It doesn’t take long for air filters to get dirty, which is why you need to switch out for a new every few months. Procrastinating on this point will reduce the air quality in your home and reduce the energy efficiency for your HVAC unit. That means higher bills for you.

6 – Appliance Placement

You may not realize it, but appliances generate a lot of heat. Don’t have appliances plugged in too close to your thermostat or you may find that your thermostat falsely senses the room temperature.

7 – Tune-up

While there is much you can do as a homeowner to avoid HVAC problems, your best bet is to have a tune-up done on a seasonal basis.

You’ll get the components cleaned and thoroughly inspected for potential problems – which means that you can take care of them before the cold weather hits.

Thinking about an HVAC tune-up this fall? Great idea! Give Priced Right Heating and Cooling, in Lenexa, KS, a call at (913)-713-5911 to schedule your appointment.

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