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Have You Checked Your Home Ventilation Status Lately?

Improve Home Ventilation

Many Overland Park homes today are well-sealed and insulated, and this can help your heating and cooling system function more efficiently. It can also save you money on climate-control expenses throughout the year.

Overland Park, KS Home-Ventilation-ServicesHowever, when a Overland Park home is well-sealed, indoor air generally will remain in the home with minimal infusion of fresh air from the outdoors.

This can result in decreased indoor air quality, the potential for mold growth to develop and other related issues.

While you may love the fact that your home is well-sealed, it is also important to pay attention to ventilation. You can improve ventilation in your home by following just a few easy steps.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Many people will use ceiling fans during the warmer months to keep their rooms cool and comfortable, but they often will turn ceiling fans when the weather turns cooler in the fall and winter months.

Ceiling fans circulate the air in a room and can even be used to circulate air from room to room for whole home benefits. When you use your ceiling fans every day, indoor air pollution, stale air and other common issues are reduced.

Open Interior Doors

When interior doors are closed, the air will largely be trapped inside that small space. This air is less likely to circulate through the heating and cooling system or to pass into the outdoors when an exterior door is opened.

The air inside an enclosed space can easily become odorous, polluted and unhealthy. It is understandable to close a door from time to time for privacy, noise control and other benefits, but it is important to open all doors when possible.

This includes closet doors, bathroom doors and other doors that you may currently keep closed.

Turn Your HVAC System On

Another thoughtful step that you can take to improve ventilation is to turn your HVAC system on even on nice weather days. The HVAC system has features that can filter contaminants and pollutants from it, such as various air filters.

It also promotes improved air circulation throughout the entire home and can reduce humidity. These all can have beneficial effects on indoor air quality.

Keeping your home’s air clean and fresh can seem challenging if your home is well-sealed. However, these easy steps make it easy to improve ventilation in your space. If you are not currently taking these steps, now is a great time to do so.

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