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Changing Your Air Filter Will Save You Money

The Importance of Replacing Air Filters


Overland Park HeatingWhy is it Important to Change my Filters in a Timely Basis? 

Maintenance is the key to keeping everything running at peak efficiency and that includes HVAC systems. It is important to breathe fresh air and that is vital to maintaining good health.

Changing the filters in the air systems will help keep the equipment running efficiently. If the filters are not changed regularly, it could lead to equipment failure and repair costs.

How the Filter System Works

Air flow and efficiency of the system are directly proportional. A dirty filter will restrict the flow of air within the system and that causes the blower motor to work harder, which translates to higher energy costs. The filter collects particles that go into the system through the return air vents and prevents them from getting into the equipment.

The return air is full of air borne particulars from anything that might be in the air such as dust or environmental pollutants such as pollen. After the filter is full, the equipment will have to work harder to keep working and that adds to higher costs of warming or cooling the building.

Changing the Filter 

All heating and cooling equipment come with a maintenance schedule and recommended time frames to have the necessary maintenance performed. It is always in the best interest of the building owner to have the equipment maintained by a professional. Performing maintenance yourself could void the warranty if a malfunction occurs. 

Air Filter Replacement

Typically an HVAC air filter should be checked every 30 days. If day 30 rolls around and the filter is dirty and clogged with excessive particles, the filter should be changed more often. If the filter looks to be fairly clean, the filter change schedule can be relaxed a bit. 

The Importance of a Clean Filter

A clean air filter will keep the air in the building fresh. If the filter is dirty, clean air will not be returned to the interior of the building and the efficiency of the equipment will be compromised.

The air filter also keeps the interior of the equipment clean, as well and prevents mechanical failure. Equipment failure can also be the weakening of the equipment and allow carbon monoxide to escape into the building. 

The cost of a clean air filter will return value by keeping the equipment running as efficiently as possible and keeping energy costs in check. The service time of the equipment will be longer and that is an important consideration considering the cost and installation of new equipment. 

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