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Benefits Of Electronic Air Cleaners

Advantages of electronic air cleaners in your home


Indoor air quality is important to the inhabitants of every household. There are many HVAC systems that moderately filter and clear indoor air of most allergens and pollutants. But, electronic filtration systems perform more advanced filtering. Electronic air cleaners come in standard models for basic deep cleaning and advanced models for individuals who have respiratory issues or severe allergies. People with asthma or lung disorders can benefit from this type of filtration. Most electronic air cleaners come with humidifiers for those who suffer from dry eyes and sinuses while coping with allergies. This type of cleaner is a great investment for home owners who care about the air quality in their living space.

One of the advantages of investing in an advanced electronic filtration system is that all debris, dust and smoke particles are cleaned through ionization. Electronic air cleaners function through the release of negative ions or ultraviolet light. The positively charged particles flowing through the home will become attached to the plates of the filter and remain there until the filter is cleaned. The flowing air is continues all the time. This balances the temperature and controls the air content of an entire home. Another benefit is the availability of different sizes. There are electronic cleaners that can fit as a unit near an existing HVAC system. There are others that can fit next to other equipment with the size limit of a standard printer.

Electronic air cleaners can alert home owners whenever it needs maintenance. A light usually goes off when the filter needs to be cleaned. There is also polarization technology built in, which means cat dander, mold spores, carcinogenic and bacterial particles will all be eliminated. Electronic air cleaners can be installed along with cooling and heating systems. Odors are also removed no matter how strong the scent is. There is also no hazardous ozone gases emitted from the systems. Home owners will also save money because electronic air cleaners consume 95 percent less electricity. Air handling systems are becoming a staple in homes. Electronic air cleaners make deep cleaning the air of harmful and irritating particles easier.

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