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Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

Things to know about mini splits


Overland Park HVACDuctless mini split systems are designed to fit in small spaces. The condenser feature and the evaporator feature have been split into separate units to create a space saving and efficient system. The condenser is installed outside and the evaporator is mounted on the wall inside, removing the need for bulky duct work. Conduit runs from the condenser to the evaporator and houses refrigeration lines, electrical cable and a water drain tube. Unlike conventional room air conditioners that require a large wall opening, the conduit only requires a three to four inch opening. 

The differences between an central unit and split units are the space saving size of the mini split and the duct work required for the central unit. Duct work is usually installed in an attic or basement and, as the already cooled air moves through from the unit into the house, it warms up. The unit has to work longer to bring the home to the desired temperature. Duct work is reported to account for more than 30% of energy usage. In the mini-split, the wall mounted evaporator blows air across a cold aluminum coil and directly into the room.

Mini splits can be used effectively in businesses or homes. Because they are ductless and compact, they are ideal if you need to add air conditioning to areas like home additions or existing spaces that have no duct work. Installing a ductless unit would save time and money by eliminating the need for added duct work. If you have several rooms you want to add air conditioning to, one outside unit can be support up to five indoor units. The indoor units are controlled independently from each other so, when certain areas in your home are not being used, the settings can be adjusted for energy savings. 

Appearance is a concern for most of us. The inside wall mounted unit is designed to be sleek and attractive. The conduit can be enclosed in metal to look like a regular drain pipe, painted if desired. If you would like the outdoor unit away from the building where it is not visible, it can be located as far as 50 feet from the indoor unit.

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